Media Studies Resources

Intercollegiate Media Studies

Media Studies, while a program at Pomona, is also an intercollegiate major offered jointly by Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pitzer, Pomona and Scripps Colleges. For information on classes and faculty at the other colleges, internships, resources, and the production center at Pitzer, visit the Intercollegiate Media Studies website.

Stonehill Media Studies Library

The Brian Stonehill Media Studies Library contains resources for students and faculty in Media Studies, including analog and digital recordings of film, television, and video production, books and monographs, and a limited collection of student theses and student productions.  Named for Brian Stonehill, a former professor of English and a pioneer in media studies pedagogy at The Claremont Colleges,  the Library is maintained by Student Librarians.  In addition, the Library serves as the hub for the Pomona Media Guild. 


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Study Abroad

Pomona College has a wide range of study abroad options for students. Many contain course offerings appropriate for a Media Studies major, such as the ones in Prague and Melbourne.  For more information on study abroad, see the Study Abroad website.

Stonehill Media Studies Research Grant

The Media Studies Program awards several research grants to Pomona College students (except seniors) to cover the direct costs (e.g., travel, living expenses, equipment rental) of working on a media studies-related project, which could include a research paper, documentary film, performance, or other appropriate form of expression. The proposals will be evaluated on the originality of the research/project, its feasibility, and the clarity of the research/production plan. Grant recipients submit a written abstract for the annual September Conference Proceedings book and must make a public presentation of the results of their projects to faculty and students of the Media Studies program during the fall semester following the receipt of the grant.

The online application open and end dates will be provided to all Pomona faculty and students by email announcement.

The number and amount of grants will vary based on number of submissions and size of budget requests. In the past, grants have ranged from $500 to $3,500. The maximum grant would be $4,000.

Pomona Media Guild

On hiatus in Spring 2016: The Pomona Media Guild is a collaborative learning space which promotes a communal engagement with the tools necessary for the creation, documentation, and presentation of student projects, and practice alongside a digital filmmaker, Pomona’s visiting fellow in media praxis. For more information, visit our Media Guild page.