Performance of Music: Individual and Class Instruction

Students playing in the orchestra

Students may enroll for instrumental or vocal study in the Music Department. Lessons may be terminated by the instructor, after fair warning, for unsatisfactory preparation or attendance. When lessons must be missed, students should notify the department secretary as far in advance as possible. Students studying privately are expected to participate regularly in the appropriate performing organizations to the full extent of their ability.

Credit with letter-grades is granted for courses in private music instruction. For weekly half-hour lessons (10 and 20), one-quarter (cumulative) course credit is earned. Students at Level I (10) are normally limited to a maximum of four semesters of credit. In order to take Level II lessons, students must pass a qualifying examination. Weekly hour lessons at Level II (100) earn a half-course credit per semester. All enrollment for private music instruction must be made with the Music Department secretary during the regular enrollment periods. (Students planning to take a qualifying examination must consult with the department secretary concerning the requirements.)

If a student chooses to fulfill the Area 1 Breadth of Study Requirements through performance courses, one course credit (four cumulative courses, two half-courses, etc.) must be earned by enrolling either in applied music lessons (individual instruction) or ensemble courses, all of which must be sponsored by the Department of Music. For students satisfying the requirement through individual instruction, any combination of 10, 20 or 100, adding up to one credit fulfills the Area I requirement, provided that the lessons are all on the same instrument. Enrollment in ensembles or lessons must be in consecutive semesters.

10. Individual Instruction, Level I. Staff. Half-hour lesson weekly. Cumulative credit. Each semester.

20, 100. Individual Instruction, Level II. Staff. Initial enrollment is dependent upon successful completion of a qualifying examination. 20: half-hour lesson weekly, cumulative credit, each semester; 100: hour lesson weekly, half-course, each semester. Satisfactory grades required for continued study. More information is available from the Music Department secretary. Each semester.

87. Jazz Improvisation: Theory and Practice. Staff. Techniques applicable in jazz and much of today's popular music. Written assignments, tests, analysis of master works and performance in the classroom. Ability to read music and advanced instrumental skills required. Audition required. To be announced.

117. Conducting. Mr. Lindholm. Half-course. To be announced.

183. Advanced Topics in Performance. Staff. To be announced.

Performance of Music: Ensembles

The performing ensembles sponsored by the Music Department are open to all qualified students of The Claremont Colleges. Credit may be granted for regular attendance and participation in each ensemble. To obtain credit, students must enroll during the regular enrollment periods. Auditions are normally held during the opening weeks of each academic year. Each ensemble may be taken for credit no more than four times (for the equivalent of two course credits); however, the course will appear on the transcript for each semester in which it is taken.

31. Pomona College Choir. Ms. Di Grazia. A large chorus which draws its membership from the College and the community. Rehearses two evenings a week and generally presents two concerts a year of major choral works. Audition required. Half-course. P/NC grading only. Each semester.

32. Pomona College Glee Club. Ms. Di Grazia. The Glee Club, a chamber choir of 20–30 members, performs classical music from many historical periods and styles. Concurrent membership in the College Choir throughout the academic year required (except for students who spend their fall semester on study abroad or on official leave from the colleges). Audition required. Half-course. P/NC grading only. Each spring.

33. Pomona College Orchestra. Mr. Lindholm. Performance of major works of the orchestral repertoire and training in orchestral techniques. Enrollment by audition. Half-course. P/NC grading only. Each semester.

35. Pomona College Band. Mr. Beeks. Rehearsal and performance of original compositions and arrangements for concert band. Two rehearsals per week. Half-course. P/NC grading only. Each semester.

37. Jazz Ensemble. Ms. Catlin. Rehearsal and public performance with opportunity for original work. Enrollment by audition. Half-course. P/NC grading only. Each semester.

40. Chamber Music. Staff. Program for vocal and instrumental students who participate in small ensembles under the direction of a faculty coach. Students typically form ensembles before enrolling. The department will ensure that an appropriate coach is assigned. Weekly rehearsals and at least one performance required. Half-course. (May not be taken more than once per semester, regardless of participation.) P/NC grading only. Each semester.

41. Balinese Gamelan Ensemble. Mr. Wenten. Introduction to the Balinese gong kebyar gamelan ensemble and its related performance traditions. As is customary in Bali, students learn to play nearly all the instruments in the ensemble. Attendance is mandatory. Performance emphasized, with some guided listening. No musical experience required. Half-course. P/NC grading only. Each semester.

42B. Afro-Cuban Music Ensemble. Addington. Introduction to Afro-Cuban musical performance, including drums and song. Weekly rehearsals culminate in end-of-semester performance. Attendance is mandatory. No musical experience required. Half-course. P/NC grading only. Each Spring.

42C. West African Music Ensemble. Agbeli. Introduction to West African musical performance, including drums, song, and dance, with a focus on Ghanaian traditions. Weekly rehearsals culminate in end-of-semester performance. Attendance is mandatory. No musical experience required. Half-course. P/NC grading only. Each Fall.