Anthropology Theses

Lena Amanti, Anthropology/PPA, 1998
HIV/AIDS Education: Learning As We Go

Sophia Artis, Anthropology/PPA, 2020
Protect our Children: Deconstructing the American Youth Vaping Epidemic

Jessica Berman, Anthropology/PPA, 1998
Creating Viable Unions: Organizing Domestic Workers and Day Laborers in Los Angeles

Nathan Brody, Anthropology/PPA, 2006
NAGPRA: The Success, Failure, and Future of Repatriation Legislation in the United States

Chloe Bullard, Anthropology/PPA, 1997
Sex Education Policy: Are We Teaching Teens What They Need to Know?

Beth Elliot, Anthropology/PPA, 1984
The Uses of Anthropology in Public Policy

Elana Henderson, Anthropology/PPA, 1988
An Analysis of Koreatown

Mary Jueden, Anthropology/PPA, 1988
The CITES Treaty: Regulating International Trade to Protect Endangered Species

Jared Kalow, Anthropology/PPA, 2015
Statehood Seen Bopp: Implementation as Performing Statehood in the Case of Flood Resilience in Pikine, Senegal

Lea Kayali, Anthropology/PPA, 2019
Paranoia and Prejudice: Community spying and the state of social control in American Muslim Communities

Daniel Larsen, Anthropology/PPA, 1998
Human Resource Management: A Viable Solution to Personnel Problems in Maquiladoras?

Tina Lee, Anthropology/PPA, 1992
Creating a Safer Sex Culture: An Ethnographic Study of Two AIDS Education Campaigns

Jennifer Lehr, Anthropology/PPA, 2017
Do Mother and Father Know Best? California’s Policies on Parental Consent for Sex Education
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Claudia Strauss (PZ)

Andrea S. Levinger, Anthropology/PPA, 1994
Ethnicity, Identity and the Multicultural Agenda: A Jewish Student View

Elizabeth C. Longstreth, Anthropology/PPA, 1994
Living Conditions of California Women on Death Row: A Case Study of One Woman's Experiences

Megan McClure, Anthropology/PPA, 1985
Cultural Perspectives in Child Maltreatment

Nathaly Moreno, Anthropology/PPA, 2012. 
Servants to the Community: Volunteer Lawyers in the Inland Empire.

Layne Mosler, Anthropology/PPA, 1996
The World Bank and the Participation Action Plan: Possibilities and Recommendations for Participation in World Bank Operations

*Morna Oruch, Anthropology/PPA, 1981
Depo-Provera: Issues and Models in the FDA Approval Process

Claire Perkins, Anthropology/PPA, 2010
The Need for Needles: A Policy Proposal to Establish a Syringe Exchange Site in SPA 3 of LA County

Torrey Shelton, Anthropology/PPA, 2002
Education and Training Services for Welfare Recipients: A Policy Analysis of Los Angeles County's General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW) Program

Susan Shu-Hua Hsieh, Anthropology/PPA, 2004
Evaluating Cervical Cancer Screening Programs for Chinese American Women: The Effects of Health Beliefs and Attitudes on Pap Test Use

William Smith, Anthropology/PPA, 1995
Excluding Homosexuals:  The Boy Scouts of America v. Social Change

Soleil E. Teubner, Anthropology/PPA, 2000
Invoking Their Oath:  Creating New Standards for Classical Researchers in a Multicultural Context

Meg Vall, Anthropology/PPA, 1987
Work and Pregnancy: A Critical Analysis of American Women's Support of Maternity Leave Policies

Maria Jose Vides Orellana, Anthropology/PPA, 2018 
Doe Through the Gates: Assessing and Improving Undocumented Student Support at Pomona College.

*denotes theses currently missing from the PPA library