Iyanuoluwa Adeniji, Biology/PPA, 2019 
Coordinated Care: Connecting the Public Mental Health Care System through Electronic Medical Records.

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Mediating the Urban-Wildlands Interface: Promoting A Leopoldian Land Ethic in the Angeles National Forest

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 No Mandate Without Acceptance: Lessons and Recommendations for HPV Vaccination Legislation in California.

Catherine Banobi, Biology/PPA, 2017
Sustaining the Future: The UJANA Project for Youth HIV Prevention in Tanzania
Readers: Richard Worthington and Len Seligman

Jessica Cai, Biology/PPA, 2020 
Integration and Sustainability of School Garden at Hillside High School: Understanding the Effects of Experiential Learning on Students Wellbeing

Maggie Canby, Biology/PPA, (Scripps), 2009
The Return of the Plagues: The Science and Politics of Immunization and the Affect of Personal Belief Exemptions on Preventing the Plagues in the Twenty-First Century

*Charles Cange, Biology/PPA, 2002
Caution, CNG Fuel: Assessing Environmental Equity in the Face of Trends Toward Alternative Fuels

Susan Caplow, Biology/PPA
Conservation Strategies for Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens

Lauren Cassou, Biology/PPA, Fall 2023
Disaggregating Health Insurance Category and Access to Care: Results from the California Health Interview Survey 2001-2021

Sardius Chen, Biology/PPA, 2010
Driving and Buying Innovation: Research Prioritization at a Liberal Arts College in the New Context of University-State-Industry Partnerships

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The Expanded AFP Program: Analysis of a Prenatal Screening Program for Birth Defects as a Public Health Policy

Anita Chiang, Biology/PPA, 2015
Ethical and Policy Considerations for Implementing Noninvasive Prenatal Testing

Kathleen Chiang, Biology/PPA, 1999
Lessons Learned in Habitat Conservation Planning: The Stephens' Kangaroo Rat Plan

*Elizabeth Y. Chien, Biology/PPA, 1994 (missing 12/03/02)
An Assessment of the Organizational Climate for Collaborative Watershed Management in the Santa Ana River Basin: A Case Study of the Santa Ana River Watershed Planning and Advisory Committee

Aparna Chintapalli, Biology/PPA, 2019 
Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth is: Reforming Organized Dentistry to Address Persistent Oral Health Disparities in the U.S.

Samuel Cook, PPA/Biology, 2009
The California Budget Crisis and How It Affected Plans for Health Care Reform

Arielle Cooley, Biology/PPA, 2001
Making Connections: a Cross-discipline Analysis of a Proposed Wildlife Corridor between the Puente Hills and the Whittier Narrows

Andrew Cvitanovich, Biology/PPA, 2002
Local Action on Global Warming: How Los Angeles, Portland, and Cities Around the World are Cutting Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

Nathaniel DeFelice, Biology/PPA, 2004
A Call to Fundamentally Change Diabetes Prevention Programs to Address the Social Production of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: The Implications are Positive for Latinos and the General Public

Angela Dickey, Biology/PPA, 1992
An Evaluation of the Environmental Education Program at Bernard Field Station

Tyler Dillavou, Biology/PPA, 2001
Pomona College: A Vision for Sustainability

Lucia Driessen, Biology/PPA, Fall 2023
Heatwaves, Housing, Health, and Climate Change Policy in Washington, DC

Nicole Dumas, Biology/PPA, 2003
The Importance of Community-Based Prevention for Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A Focus on Low-Income, Immigrant Latinas in Los Angeles Country

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The Problem of Research Agenda Boundaries: Can Policies Control Human Cloning?

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Biodegradation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils Under South Central Alaska Conditions

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Depo-Provera and the F.D.A. Drug Lag: Social and Biological Perspectives

Nathalie Folkerts, Biology/PPA, 2016
Communities Mitigating Risk through Urban Gardening: Using Geospatial Analysis to Maximize the Impact of AB551
Readers: Jonathan Wright and Ann Quinley

Kristina Folta, Biology/PPA 2019 
Ethical Inclusion of Minorities in Biomedical Research: A Case Study of the “All of US” Research Program.

Mark Frankel, Biology/PPA, 1984
The National Environmental Policy Art: Implementation in the Forest Service, and Examination of the Curtis Tungsten Access Application as a Case Study

Kate Freund, Biology/PPA, 2003
Cowbird Mitigation for the Least Bell's Vireo in Southern California

Perla Estrella Grimaldo-Ramirez, Biology/PPA,  2020
Applying a Community Health Worker Model to Solve Diabetes Health Disparities in Underserved Communities

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Buying Time: An NGO/Government Partnership to Increase Access to HIV Treatment in Rural Areas of Tanzania

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Should HPV Vaccination Be Mandatory for School Entry?: A Policy Analysis and Recommendation

Carolyn Hays, Biology/PPA (CMC), 2016
The Calfresh User Experience: An Investigation of the Intersection of Calfresh Policy and Applicant Experience.
Readers: Richard Worthington

Helen Hailu, Biology/PPA, 2023
From Paper to Practice: Investigating California's Implicit Bias Training Mandate for Perinatal Healthcare Providers

Kate Immergluck, Biology/PPA, 2022
Decriminalizing Sex Work and Desanctifying Sex: Complicating the Sex Worker Narrative to Legitimize Erotic Labor and Effectively Prioritize Sex Workers' Human Rights

Nathan Kadish, Biology/PPA, 2002
Insuring the Uninsured: The Impact of State Child Health Insurance Programs' Guidelines on Enrollment

Gahram Kang, Biology/PPA, 1996
Peers and Addiction: Key Components for an Effective Tobacco Education Program

Nancy Anna Karreman, Biology/PPA, 2018
Sex Education in Crisis: A Case for Better Program Evaluation.

Jennie N. Kim, Biology/PPA, 1996
Equity in Biomedical Research: How the Inclusion of Women in Clinical Trials Will Improve Public Health

Tara Krishna, Biology/PPA, 2014
Frames of Nature: People, Politics, and Water in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta

Lori E. Lacy, Biology/PPA, 1994
The Implementation of Assembly Bill 2766: A Tale of Compromise, Confusion, Coordination and Evolution

Jameson Lam, Biology/PPA, 2008
The National Hepatitis B Act: Addressing the Health Disparity of Hepatitis B in Asian Americans

Lamar Lee, Biology/PPA, 2005
Non-Fiction: The Past, Present, and Future of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Adam Levitan, Biology/PPA, 2002
Is 301(h) Right for Orange County?  An Evaluation of the Orange County Sanitation District's Clean Water Act Section 301(h) Permit

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The Natural Communities Conservation Plan: A Problematic Solution to Species Conservation

Rebecca Magnan, Biology/PPA, 2023
Overcoming Silence: Tackling Barriers to Pelvic Pain Diagnosis the Curriculum Reform

Michael Mello, Biology/PPA, 2004
Organ Failure: Balancing Primary with Tertiary Medical Care

Amanda E. Moore, Biology/PPA, 1996
Mandatory HIV Screening of People Arrested for Prostitution and Criminalization of “Knowing Transmission”: An Analysis of Ethics and Efficacy in Disease Control in Colorado

Gina Mooty, Biology/PPA, 2003
Air Quality Management: Does the Public Have a Voice?

Jeffrey Ryan Mora, Biology/PPA, 2004
The Effectiveness of Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) in Preventing Multi-drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB)

Lilian Muldoon, Biology/PPA, 2007
Developing Policy Recommendations to Increase the Rate of Emergency Contraception Pill Distribution at the East Valley Community Health Clinics

Liwam Nerayo, Biology/PPA, 2020
Examining the Social Legacies of Genetic Technologies: Analyzing Ancestry DNA Testing as Identity-Formation in the Late 20th/ Early 21st Century

Cade Novara, Biology/PPA, 2023
The Case of Human Monkeypox: An Immunological and Sociopolitical Analysis of Factors taht Contributed to Its Spread and Impact

Shari Ann T. Oshiro, Biology/PPA, 1996
Should We Lay Ourselves Genetically Bare? Policy Proposals Regulating Access to Genetic Information

Lisa Parrillo, Biology/PPA, 2006
Federal Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research: A Scientific, Ethical and Political Analysis

Jodie Pham, Biology/PPA, 2008
Deceptive Probabilities: Genetic Testing for Breast Cance Genes BRCA1/2 and Broader Policy Implications

Annie Price, Biology/PPA, 2020
Power Moves: PG&E Power Shut Offs and Alternative Fire Prevention Policy in California’s Urban-Wildlife Interfaces

Nadia Rahimtoola, Biology/PPA, 1994
Assuring Quality of Interpersonal Health Care: A Case Study of Intervalley Health Plan

Grace Reckers, Biology/PPA (Scripps College), 2018
(In)Secure Communities Assessing the Impacts of Secure Communities on Immigrant Participation in Los Angeles Health Clinics.

Sophie Roe, Biology/PPA, 2019
Reality-Based Health Care: Investigating the Breadth, Extent, and Collective Impact of Street Medicine in the US,

Delmy Ruiz, Biology/PPA, 2023
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Remote Patient Monitoring in the Medically Underserved Community of Los South Angeles

Jung Sun Ryu, Biology/PPA, 1996
Community Benefit Policy in Private Non-Profit Hospitals

Lauren Schoen, Biology/PPA, 2020 
Don’t Mess with Access: Exploring the Use of Telemedicine to Increase Access to Contraception in Texas

Kahaan Shah, Biology/PPA, 2023
Menstrual Health and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Exploring Linkages to Improve Health Outcomes for Menstruators

Lauren Shaw, Biology/PPA, 2006
Are Organics Enough? The Caloric and Political Potential for an Entirely Organic Agriculture System

Leya Solomon, Biology/PPA, 2019
HIV Prevention: The Current State of PrEP Accessibility and an Examination of AB2640 – A Policy Aiming to Increase PrEP Usage

Benjamin Spector, Biology/PPA, 2006
Influenza: A Study of Pandemic Preparedness

Cole Story, Biology/PPA, 2015
Reducing Barriers in the HIV Continuum of Care: The Potential of Patient Navigation Services for HIV-Positive Clients in Los Angeles County

May Tang, Biology/PPA, 1997
Norplant: Contraceptive Research and Development

Tejal Thakker, Biology/PPA, 2000
The California Expanded Alpha-fetoprotein Program: Successful Implementation = Effective Regulation

Jason Woo, Biology/PPA, 2004
Transgenic Salmon: Ecological risks and policy failures

Larissa Yocum, Biology/PPA, 1999
Transgenic Salmon: The Link Between Research and Development and the Biological, Social and Economic Costs and Benefits

Jaime Zadra, Biology/PPA, 1998
An Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Medical Services for Inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail System

*denotes theses currently missing from the PPA library