Chemistry Theses

Kara Isabelle Bank, Chemistry/PPA, 2016
Unmanned Aerial Firefighters: A Study of the Integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems into the Airspace above a Wildfire.

Nora Becker, Chemistry/PPA, 2007
HIV/AIDS, Minority Women, and the Potential of Microbicides

Elena Brandford, Chemistry/PPA, 2010
An Evaluation of Decentralized Waterwaste Treatment Infrastructure in California

Sarah Buchman, PPA/Chemistry, 2009
The Qualitative and Quantitative Implications of an Inadequate Diagnostic Test for Lyme Disease Patients

John "Jack" Jurecic Buyske, Chemistry, 2018
Miracle Drug: Using Naloxone to Reverse Overdoses and Fight the Opioid Crisis

Elaine Choi, Chemistry/PPA, 2012
Contemporary Alternative Medicine: A Wholistic View

Emily Coffin, Chemistry/PPA, 2019
Searching for Cures: Exploring the Use of Health Informatics and Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs in Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Cailly Howell, Chemistry/PPA, 2012
Are School and Childcare Vaccination Mandates Sufficient to Address Rising Incidence of Pertussis in California? A Policy Analysis of California's Pertussis Mandates.

Mackenzie Grieman, PPA/Chemistry, 2009
Out of Evolutionary Control: An Analysis of the Approval Process for Genetically Engineered Crops.

Kevin Hsieh, Chemistry/PPA, 1996
Computer-Mediated Communication in High School Science Classes: Benefits for Constructivist Learning

*David J. Kim, Chemistry/PPA, 1998 
Electric Vehicles: Are They a Viable Alternative Fuel Vehicle to Save Our Air? And What is Being Done to Promote Them?

Debbie Lin, Chemistry/PPA, 1998
Myth or Reality? Consumer Perception of Viral Safety: Organizational Market Strategy for Anti-Hemophilic Factor VIII Drugs

Jamie Lu Ludke, Chemistry/PPA, 1998
Mitigation of Nitrate Pollution in the Chino Basin

Shanda McCune, Chemistry/PPA, 2011
Money is Power and Mining is Money: Policy on the Trade of Minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Impacts on Mining on the Local Region

Annie Niehaus, Chemistry/PPA, 2014
Genetic testing for risk of inherited breast and ovarian cancers: Payment issues following the 2013 Myraid Supreme Court Case

Cliff Numark, Chemistry/PPA, 1991
The Technology Advancement Program at AQMD

Elyse Jee Soo Park, Chemistry/PPA, 2000
Indoor Air Pollution: Who Should Take Responsibility

Kirsten Sasaki, Chemistry/PPA, 2003
The Drug Approval Process: a Comparative Analysis and Ziagen Case Study of the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products

David Schumacher, Chemistry/PPA, 1994
Socially Transforming Education and Its Implications for Science Education

*Dan Tzuang, Chemistry/PPA, 1998
Southern California Air Quality Management District: Implementing Environmental Justice

Joshua Yang, Chemistry/PPA, 2023
The Byproduct of Destigmatizing Marijuana: Addressing the Unregulated Distribution and Sale of Delta-8THC

Stephanie Yu, double major in Chemistry/PPA and Computer Science, 2022 
Embracing Clinical Trial Data Transparency and Sharing: An Examination of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Pathway and the EUA Approval of COVID-19 Vaccines


Jess Weidman, Chemistry/PPA, 1995
Public Policy in the Brave New World:  Ethical Considerations Regarding Gene Therapy

Arthur Wendel, Chemistry/PPA, 1998
The Adoption Potential of Automotive Fuel Cells: A Technological and Social Evaluation

*denotes theses currently missing from the PPA library