Economics Theses

Karen Caceres Alpuche, Economics/PPA, 2019 
The Legalization of Street Vending in Los Angeles: Exploring the Impact on Vendors and Their Livelihoods,

Charles Balter, Economics/PPA, 2010
Toward a Pathway for Deliberation: Reassessing the Call for Institutionalization

Charet Rashwan Bolton, Economics/PPA, 2018
 Financing the Choice of Care: Institutional versus Home - and Community -  Based Memory Care in Los Angeles

David Cherwin, Economics/PPA, 1986
Analysis of the Community College System and the Impact of the Enrollment Fee

Ann Collins, Economics/PPA, 1986
Child Abuse in the United States and Sweden: A Comparative Policy Study

Wayne Combs, Economics/PPA, 1989
Local Government Negotiation to Support Growth

Shelagh Cooley, Economics/PPA, 2005
Is India the Next Africa? An Evaluation of the Implementation of the National AIDS Control Organization in India from 1992-2003

Miguel Delgado-Garcia, Economics/PPA, 2020 
Community Engagement & Efficiency: Theory and Practice in the Transformative Climate Communities Program,

Wendy DeWeese, Economics/PPA, 1987
The Impact of the Latin American Dept Crisis: Should We Adopt the Bradley Plan?

Gwendolyn Donaker, Economics/PPA, 2001
Sustainable Electrification: A Comparison of Green Power Policies

Nicholas Dreves, Economics/PPA, 2005
Japan and the Kyoto Protocol

Monique Miner Eliason, Economics/PPA, 1989
The Use of Cost-Benefit Analysis in the City of Laverne

Michael Eulau, Economics/PPA, 1985
The Policy and Economic Implications of DRGs

Corey Goelz, Economics/PPA, 2017
What is Welfare, Anyway? An Analysis of How Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Has Been Implemented Across States
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Eleanor Brown

Tania Gray, Economics/PPA, 2019
State and Local Affordable Housing Policy in California: Barriers to Increasing Supply for Low-Income Households in a Malfunctioning Fair- Share System.

Jennifer Han, PPA/Economics, 2009
Taming the Beast How: Pomona's Charter Schools Tackle Charter School Accountability

Peter M. Harding, Economics/PPA, 1997
Why the Electric Utility Industry Should Embrace “When/Where Flexibility”

Philippa Kittredge Haven, Economics/PPA, 2017
Minimum Wage & the Informal Sector: Evidence from a Day Labor Center
Readers: Fernando Lozano and Nancy Neiman-Auerbach (SC)

Meryl Haydock, Economics/PPA, 2001
Fighting Poverty with Equity: A New Methodology for Microenterprise Assistance Program

Michael Henry, Economics/PPA, 2005.
Living Wages: Good Policy or Misguided Intentions?

Samuel Hernandez, Jr., Economics/PPA, 2022
The Dependent Care Expansion of The Affordable Care Act and the Labor Supply and College Enrollment Decisions of Young Adults

Jim Hirschfield, Economics/Ecology, 1992
Evaluating Natural Resource Damage Assessments

*Robert Hockett, Economics/PPA, 1985
Controlling Mobile Source Emissions in the South Coast Air Basin

Madeline Honningford, Economics/PPA, 2017
Generation ADHD: A New Perspective on the American Opioid Epidemic
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Mita Banerjee (PZ)

Rebecca Howland, Economics/PPA, 2014
Will this Patch Hold? How will the Affordable Care Act Affect the Finances of Public Hospitals in Los Angeles County?

Jessica Isaacs, Economics (Scripps)/PPA, 2006
Energy Efficiency in American Public Policy: The Effectiveness of Tax Credits as a Form of Consumer Inducement

Lech Kaiel, PPA/Economics, 2009
The Braking Point: Congestion Necessitates Urban Transportation Policy Reform.

Samuel Kina, Economics/PPA, 2002
Are the Benefits of the Benefits in Jeopardy?  Design Issues, Economic Consequences, and the Ultimate Benefit of Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

Tom Krebs, Economics/PPA, 2004
Career and Technical Education In Pomona Unified School District

Shy Lavasani, Economics/PPA, 2020 
Getting Students to School

Jonathan Yedhm Lee, Economics/PPA , 2018
The Alcohol Policies at Pomona College from the Users’ Perspective

Ron Lerner, Economics/PPA, 1988
The Lavi Jet Fighter Project

Neil Lloyd, Economics/PPA, 1988
The Smog Check Program in Southern California's South Coast Air Basin: A Case Study in Economics and Public Policy

Pamela Maddux, Economics/PPA, 1996
Los Angeles Revitalization Zone

Yosi Mayoral, Economics/PPA, 2023
The Labor Market Effects of COVID-19: A Regional Analysis of California Immigrants

David McDevitt, Economics/PPA, 2007
An Evaluation of Sentencing Practices in the California State Legal System

Lisa Merrill, Economics/PPA, 2005
When Noble Intentions Go Awry: A Study of California's Categorical Revenue Distribution in Los Angeles County

Tara Miller, Economics/PPA, 2014

Sarah Munson, Economics/PPA, 1995
Improving the Public Policy Process and Cost Benefit Analysis

Bret Myers, Economics/PPA, 1985
The Extent and Nature of Influence of the Private Sector in the Environmental Policy Process: A Case Study of the Petroleum Industry

Rosie Newman, Economics/PPA, 2011
Impact Investing: A Case of the Grassroots Business Fund

Patrick Pelegri-O’Day, Economics/PPA, 2015
The Promise of Sustainable Communities: Are transit-oriented developments realizing their potential?

Pablo Andres Ordonez Bravo, Economics/PPA, 2018
Profits, Objectives, and the Case of College Board: Towards a New Understanding of Firm Motivation

Stephanie Pham, Economics/PPA, 2010
Comparative Analysis of Watermaster Allocation Methods

Bryan Phan, Economics/PPA, 2015
Payday Loan Impact, Policy and Financial Alternatives: Are Payday Loans the best short-term loan option for high-risk borrowers or cam financial institutions and legislators do better?

Madeline Rawding, Economics/PPA, 2017
Preserving Residential Hotels and Single Room Occupancy Units in Los Angeles

Elizabeth Redman, Economics/PPA, 2004
Motivations for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Implications for Public Policy in the U.S.

Peter Reeb, Economics/PPA, 1983
The San Diego to Los Angeles Bullet Train: A Shot in the Dark?

Karen Reed, Economics/PPA, 1982
Land-Use Planning on the North Slope of Alaska

Lusanna Ro, Economics/PPA, 1994
Market Failures in the Health Care Industry

Amanda Robman, Economics/PPA, 2023
Informational Inconsistencies in ESG Rating and the SEC's Management of Information Provided to Investors

Camille Sanchez, Economics/PPA, 2019
Integrating Financial Capacity into Summer Youth Employment Programs: Models from Other Cities, a Model for Los Angeles,

Eric Richard Schellinger, Economics/PPA, 1988
Regulation XV: A Ridesharing Policy for Los Angeles

Hammad Sheik, Economics/PPA, 2010
Natural Disasters: A Comprehensive Framework for Mitigation

Dan Silberstein, Economics/PPA, 2000
Panacea or Placebo: Could the Staples Center Revitalize Downtown LA

David Robert Steffen, Economics/PPA, 2018
Restricted Welfare: How State TANF Program Policies Affect People’s Lives.

Ryan Tacher, Economics/PPA, 2005
Government Welfare's Crowd-out of Charity: Examining the Public Policy Implications

Emily Tamanaha, PPA/Economics, 2009
Business-Oriented Economic Development in Pomona, CA: Functional in Theory and Practice? 

Maria Touya, Economics/PPA, 1985
Should Claremont Privatize Curbside Recycling? 

Albert Tsoi, Economics/PPA, 2003
What Can we Do About Kids Having Sex? 

Ngoc Kim Tran, Economics/PPA, 2020
Alternative Education and Family Literacy: A Survey on Institutionally Based and Community Based Adult Learning in Los Angeles County

Eric W. Wild, Economics/PPA, 1987
Divesting From South Africa: A Model

Kristen L. Willard, Economics/PPA, 1987
Economics Analysis in Policy Making: The Relationship Between the Federal Budget Deficit and Trade Flows

Terri Wilsie, Economics/PPA, 1986
PURPA - SECTION 210: The Dawn of a New Era

Kari Wohlschlegel, Economics/PPA, 2008
Discretionary Sentencing and Recidivism Rates: An Examination of the Relationship Between Release Decisions and Recidivism Rates

Craig Wrench, Economics/PPA, 1983
Shhh, Softer Please -- Conducting the Flow of Energy: Two Perspectives on California Public Utility Commission Energy Leadership

Susan Yoon, Economics/PPA, 2003
Design Issues Within the Healthy Start Initiative: The Demonstration Project at Claremont Healthy Start

Shana Yu, Economics/PPA, 2006
A Theoretical Analysis of Sabanes-Oxley

Morgan Yucel, Economics/PPA, 2016
The Behavioral Economics of Cash Transfer Design, Harnessing Humanity’s Heuristics to Achieve Poverty Reduction Goals through Cash Transfer Programs.
Readers: John Clithero and Bowman Cutter

Emily Zheng, Economics/PPA, 2019 
Can Uber and Lyft Save Public Transit?

*denotes theses currently missing from the PPA library