Politics Theses

Vicky-Marie Addo-Ashong, Politics/PPA, 2020 
In a Big Man’s Shade: Evaluating Patronage Politics in Kenya’s Health Sector Post Devolution

Abigail Gonzalez Avila, Politics/PPA, 2022
Undocumented Students in Higher Education: A Study on Pomona College’s Undocumented Student Resources with Stories by Current Students

Lauren Akitake, Politics/PPA, 2003
Welfare Reform and Entitlement in the United States and the United Kingdom: A Comparative Analysis

Juliette Aldarondo, Politics/PPA, 1998
The Role of Technology in Education

Jorge “Nico” Anwandter, PPA/Politics, 2009
Redesigning Legal Services in the Digital Age

Sarah Axeen, Politics/PPA, 2007
A Successful Reform? The Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act and the Medicare Prescription Drug, Modernization, and Improvement Act

Harmela Beyene, Politics/PPA, 2019
Doing More for Those Who Need More: Supporting Black Women at Predominantly White Institutions.

Marc Birtel, Politics/PPA, 1995
Changing the Rules of the Game: The Problem of Congressional Reform

Deshika Botejue, Politics/PPA, 1994
A Case Study of the Implementation of Gang Prevention Programs Operated by the Pomona Police Department

Pamela Burga, Politics/PPA, 2004
A Review of Latinos In California Charter Schools

Miranda Camargo, Politics/PPA, 2023
An Abolitionist Evaluation of Prison-Education: Pitzer College's Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

Shayok Chakraborty, Politics/PPA, 2019 
Towards an Inclusive Claremont: The Affordable Housing Problem in Claremont, California.

David Chen, Politics/PPA, 2001
The Academy and the Hive: Information Technology Design at Pomona and Claremont-McKenna Colleges

Philip Hofai Cheng, Politics/PPA, 1994
Monterey Park: A Dual Economy

Thomas Conkling, Politics/PPA, 2014
The Potential Effects of the Home-Based Plan on Boston Public Schools

Mayra Cotten, Politics/ PPA, 1995
Liberty v. Security in a Technological World: California Gang Data Basing

Adam Cox, Politics/PPA, 2014
Sochi 2014: Exploring the Impact of the LGBT Controversy on the Olympics and the IOC

Megan Cribbs, Politics/PPA, 2006
Integrated Education: The Role of Schools in Reducing Children's Sectarian Prejudices in Northern Ireland

Rebecca Dale, PPA/ Politics, History, 2009
Fueling Underdevelopment: A Global Perspective on U.S. Biofuels

Saahil Desai, Politics/PPA, 2016
The Ivory Tower on Sale: Consumerism and Convergence at Pomona College.
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Ann Quinley

Neyissa Desir, Politics/PPA, 2019
Asylum Seeking: The Haitian Experience,

Kenisha Dilliard, Politics/PPA, 2005
Theory Paradox: Issue networks in the Policymaking Process of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998

Cyrus Dioun, Politics/PPA, 2005
The Oslo Accords and Intra-State Conflict Resolution

Sarah Dupree, (Scripps College), Politics/PPA, 2018
Set Up to Fail? Redesigning Legal Self Help Centers in an Adversarial Justice System

Morgan Dyson, Politics/PPA, 2019
Leave No Person Behind? How the Department of Defense is Failing Our Most Vulnerable Veterans

Amanda Edwards, Politics/PPA, 1996
Collaborative Efforts: Implementation of Family Reunification Policy

Claudia Esparza, Politics/PPA, 1996
Latinos and Redistricting: The Quest for Equal Representation

Grace Fan, Politics/PPA, 2023
Revisiting Three Strikes: An Analysis of Recidivism Propensity, Policy Impact, and the Larger California Criminal Landscape

Amanda Fein, Politics/PPA, 2004
Guys in Pickups and Soccer Moms: Gender in the 2004 Presidential Elections

Benjamin Feldman, Politics/PPA, 2005
Methodological Differentiation in the Contemporary Study of Elections

Jasmine Ferguson, Politics/PPA, 2015
Chicago Public School Actions Contributing Factors and Policy Concerns

Devin Fernandes, Politics/PPA, 2002
The Prospects of a New Guest Worker Program for Undocumented Immigrants: Lessons from the Agricultural and High-Tech Industries

Caroline Flynn, PPA/Politics, 2009
The Road to Equity? Candidate Selection Strategies for Political Parties in the U.K.

Anthony Forte, Politics/PPA, 2004
The Problems of Assessing Student Achievement With Standardized Testing

Cristina Francisco, Politics/PPA, 2002
Justice for Terrorists? A Look at Military Tribunals and American Jurisprudence

Deborah Frempong, Politics/PPA, 2015
The Effect of Religious Culture on Sexual Health Decisions: A Study of Ethiopian Descent in the United States

Zachary Freiman, double major in Politics/PPA and Music, 2020 
Examining the Impact of Race and Ethnicity in the 2020 Democratic Primary in New York’s 17th District

Samuel Gaines, Politics/PPA, 2003
Towards a Better High School Exit Exam

Sarah Gamble, Politics/PPA, 2017
An Antidote to Amnesia: A California Policymaker’s Guide to School Choice
Readers: Richard Worthington and David Menefee-Libey

Emily Glass, Politics/PPA, 2015
Increasing African-American Participation in Major League Baseball: An Analysis and Reconfiguration of the Reviving Baseball in Inn Cities (RBI) Program

Zuleika Godinez, PPA/Politics, 2009
Voices of Resistance: The Day Labor Movement in Southern California

Becca Gourley, Politics/PPA, 2006
Ballots Stop Bombs? American Efforts at Democratization in Egypt

Ashley T. Grimes, Politics/PPA, 2000
World War MP3: The High Stakes Battle for Control over the Online Music Industry

Ethan Grossman, Politics/PPA, 2014
Constructing Racialized "Failures" and "Superpredators": Examining the Intersections of Neoliberal Education and School Criminalization Policies in LAUSD

Jose Huerta-Gutierez, Politics/PPA, 2020
U.S. Asylum Policy and Services in Los Angeles: An Examination of Public Counsel’s Asylum Services

Eric Hagin, Politics/PPA, 1996
Creativity, Commitment, and Citizen Involvement: The Keys to Compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Emily Hayes, Politics/PPA, 2014
So Crazy It Just Might Work: Fixing the Ills of the United States' Mental Health Care System and Improving Access for Children

Marie Helmy, Politics/PPA, 2015
Does Access to Counsel Mean Access to Justice? An Exploration of the Civil Right to Counsel through Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act

Noah Helpern, Politics/PPA, 2003
Implementation of the Charter School Facilities Provisions of Proposition 39 by the Los Angeles Unified School District

Willa Hevly, Politics/PPA, 2017
Districting and Representation on Seattle City Council
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Vanessa Tyson (SC)

Kelly Hewitt, Politics (Scripps)/PPA, 2008
Narrowing the Achievement Gap? The Transition from Vocational to Career-Technical Education in California Public Schools

Rachel Holben, Politics/PPA, 2005
Exceeding Expectations: How Charter Schools Are Challenging Traditional Education through Higher Standards

*Lucas Holl, Politics/PPA, 2005
Implementing High Stakes Accountability in Pomona Unified School District

Jordan Hoogsteden, Politics/PPA, 2023
More Than Four Walls and a Roof: Exploring the Subnational Implementation of the Human Right to Adequate Housing through State Constitutions and Courts 

Kacey Hopson, Politics/PPA, 2016
America’s First Climate Change Refugees: Examining the Process of Relocation Through the Case of Newtok Village.
Readers: Richard Worthington and Ann Quinley

Dylan Horowitz, Politics/PPA, 2014
If you Build It, Will They Come? The Taxpayer-Funded Marlins Park and the Implications for Democracy in South Florida

Derek Ishikawa, Politics/PPA, 2001
Parks, “Pork,” and Proposition 12: The Potential Perils of the Parochial Imperative

*Mavish Jafri, Politics/PPA, 1999
California Political Parties and the Immigrant Vote in Los Angeles

Audrey Younsook Jang, Politics/PPA, 2019 
From Ecovillage to EcoCiv

David Janovsky, Politics/PPA, 2015
Building Public Accountability in to Regional Public Safety

Tracy Joe, Politics/PPA, 2002
Better Parents, Better Kids? The Impact of Parent Involvement Programs on School Readiness

Rabiya Kassam-Adams, Politics/PPA, 2004
Community-Based Self-Reliance in Practice

Chloe Kelllison, Politics/PPA, 2023
The Conservative Crusade Against Trans Care: An Analysis of the Organization, Rhetorical and Legal Strategies the Right has Adopted to Restrict Gender Affirming Care

Rachel Keyser, Politics/PPA, 2015
Return-to-Learn: A Team Approach to Post-Concussion Management for Student-Athletes at Pomona College

Henry Easton Koehler, (Pitzer College), Politics/PPA, 2018
Democratizing Density: Justifying Urban Forms

Sarah Laws, Politics/PPA, 2016
Radiating Effects of the Ballot Initiative: A Comparative Study of Criminal Justice Reform in California and Louisiana.
Readers: Amanda Hollis-Brusky and David Menefee-Libey

Edward Lee, Politics/PPA, 1993
Rebuild Los Angeles and the Labor Community Strategies Center: Two Organizations Trying to Address Inner City Neglect

*Judd Legum, Politics/PPA, 2000
Technology as if People Mattered: A Community-based Research Model for Pomona

Maggie Lemons, Politics/PPA, 2017
The Armchair Jury: Public Participation in Post-Conviction Processes
Readers: Richard Worthington and David Menefee-Libey

Julie Lerch, Politics- Scripps College, 1993
The Evolution of Women's Political Opportunity in America

Stephanie Lin, Politics/PPA, 2007
Crossing Lines: The Impact of Cross-Party Coalitions on U.S. Immigration Policy

Keena Lipsitz, Politics/PPA, 1994
Missing the Big Picture: A Study of Institutional Responses to Sexual Harassment

Alexandria Mackie, Politics/PPA, 2000
“Beyond Compliance”: A Study of Environmental Responsibility Among Businesses

Kenyamarie Mahone, Politics/PPA 2023
Drawn Out: Municipal Lines as a Tool for Social and Political Power in Marin County, California

Hala Masri, Politics/PPA, 2007
Complex Connections: Funding and Government Immigration Policy's Relationship with Nonprofits' Advocacy Effects

Jared Mathis, Politics/PPA, 1994
California Water Wars

Rachel Matthews, (Scripps College), Politics/PPA, 2018
When Politics Rule Policy: The Role of Discursive Politics in Wisconsin’s Photo Identification Law

Chris McGuire, Politics/PPA, 2011
Neutralizing Nuclear Leaks: Efforts to Secure the World's Supply of Fissle Material

Meagan L. McIntyre, Politics/ PPA, 2017
Disparities of (In)Justice: An Examination of the Asylum Adjudication System in the U.S
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Jennifer Groscup (SC)

James Mikolowsky, Politics/PPA, 2010
Inclusive Innovation: E-Government and the Digital Divide

Shayna Lauren Mittler, Politics/PPA, 1997
Public Interest Litigation as a Policy Tool: The Case of the Gender Tax Repeal Act

Sonya Mohamed, Politics/PPA, 1996
The Federal Response to AIDS: Does Politics Matter?

Cherish Molezion, Politics/PPA, 2017
Social Cohesion as a Gateway: Examining France’s Efforts in Building Equitable Education Access for Marginalized Immigrants

*Howard Moon, Politics/PPA, 1996
Asian Americans Within the Political Discourse; An Examination of Media Framing Effects on the California Civil Rights Initiative

Katherine Moskop, Politics/PPA, 2006
Trading Spaces: Shifting Criminal Justice from State Retribution to Community Restoration

Chelsea Muir, Politics/PPA, 2011
An Evaluation of Prevention through Deterrence

Matt Muller, Politics/PPA, 2003
Once Again Waiting: Implementation of the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act*

Alana Murphy, Politics/PPA, 2015
Urban Refugee Relations: Evaluating UNHCR’s Principle of Community Orientation

David Nagai, Government/PPA, 1992
The Politics of Evaluation: Pomona U.S.D. Head Start

Hope Neighbor, Politics/PPA, 1996
The Implementation of English Language Development Policy: Venue for Voice, Venue for Change

Andrew Nourafshan, Politics/PPA, 2007
Meeting a Higher Standard: A Review of the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Its Implications for National Renewable Energy Policy

Julie Nudel, Politics/PPA, 2007
Bankruptcy: Court-Imposed?

Femke Oldham, Politics/PPA, 2007
Water at Pomona College: An Investigation of Policies and Practices

Neha Patel, Politics/PPA, 2019 
Moving Past Colorblindness: Restorative Justice in Los Angeles Unified School District

Scott Pease, double major in Politics/PPA and French, 2020 
The Right to Survive: A Stakeholder Analysis of the Vehicle Habitation Ordinance in the City of San Diego

Laney Pope, Politics/PPA, 2022 
Once a Felon, Always a Felon?” How Amending AB 2147 Allows Us to Reimagine Life After Prison for California’s Incarcerated Firefighters

Austin Prather, Politics/PPA, 2019 
The Waste of War: The Department of Defense’s Superfund Legacy

Sara O'Neil, Politics/PPA, 2003
Grassroots Democracy: Community Associations and Neighborhood Councils in the City of Los Angeles

Elizabeth Truus Newland, Politics/ PPA, 2018
Kids and the Court: How Legal Professionals Determine the Best Interest of a Child in the California Dependency Court System.

Michael O'Shea, Politics/PPA, 2011
Community Engagement in Urban Public Park Development: A Case Study of Chicago's Bloomingdale Trail

Sara Owens, Politics/PPA, 2015 (SCR)
Ensuring Equity and Adequacy in California Public Education

Ryan James Palmer, Politics/PPA, 2018 
Funding Priorities: An Examination of California’s Public Safety Realignment Initiative in Three Counties

Nora Petty, Politics/PPA, 2007
Rwanda's Civil Society Involvement in HIV/AIDS Coordination Structures

Jonathan Peterson, PPA/Politics, 2009
Education Reform and Judicial Intervention: A Retrospective on Serrano vs. Priest and the Prospects for Educational Equity and Adequacy in California School Finance

Michelle Pham, PPA/Politics, 2009
Language Barriers in Access to Health Care: A Case Study of Los Angeles County's Linguistic Competence

Jackie Pomeroy, Politics/PPA, 2011
Public School Choice: A Case Study of the Portfolio Management Model in LAUSD

Taylor Reffe, Politics/PPA, 2016
Discretionary Success: the effects of differences in disciplinary policy and behavior on student success in Los Angeles charter and traditional public schools.
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Ann Quinley

Amaryllis Rodriguez, Politics/PPA, 2011
A Continuum of Solutions: Wrap-around services, Promise Neighborhoods and Education as Anti-Poverty Policy

*Megan Rogers, Politics/PPA, Scripps, 2002
Supplementing the Education of At-Risk Students: Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

Marian Rowan, Politics/PPA, 1996
The Application of the Voting Rights Act to Judicial Elections

Sydney Rupe, Politics/PPA, 2015
Educated Education: Evaluating and Improving Education in Los Angeles County Probation Camps

Eliot Sands, Politics/PPA, 2020
Tracking Derailed: Bridging the Rhetorical Gap between the Tracking and Ability-Grouping Literatures

Alexandra Satariano (Scripps), Politics/PPA, 2012.
To Care for Him Who Shall Have Borne the Battle: An Examination of the Veteran Treatment Court Model and the Barriers to Its Diffusion in the State of California.

Mariah Scales, Politics/PPA, 2015
Social Workers and Public Advocates: Facilitating and Maintaining Familial Bonds in the Wake of Incarceration

Ian Sam Schiffer, Politics/PPA, 2017
Lived Legal Expertise: Mobilizing the Political Agency of Incarcerated Youth
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Tessa Hicks Peterson (PZ)

Sheree Schwartz, Politics/PPA, 2002
Evaluating the Helms Amendment and the Mexico City Policy: The Effect of U.S. Foreign Aid on International Reproductive Rights

Victoria Shabo, Politics/American Studies, 1994
Promise and Disillusion: The Politics of Welfare Reform in American Culture

Vaish Siddapureddy, Politics/PPA 2022
Athletic Recruiting and Diversity: A Study on the Pomona-Pitzer Athletic Program and how Institutional and Recruiting Practices Affect the Racial Diversity of the Student- Athlete Population

Adeline Salomon, Politics/PPA, 2012.
A Future for Haiti's Orphaned Children: An Educational Model for Port-au-Prince Orphanages.

Anna Schwab, Politics/PPA, 2016
An Analysis of California’s Apostrophe Laws.
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Ann Quinley

James Solomon, Politics/PPA, 2006
Consistent and Persistent: How Can Policymakers Increase Contraceptive Use to Decrease the Number of Abortions?

Ellen H. Smith, Politics/PPA, 2005
Mixed Messages in Two Languages: The Connection between Goals and Implementation of Bilingual Education Policy in Southern California Elementary Schools

Elizabeth J. Sparks, Politics/PPA, 1993
Women Running for Office: The Differences and Advantages in Their Campaigns

Edward Takashima, Politics/PPA, 2002
What Works? An Estimation of an Education Production Function for High School Students in the Greater Los Angeles Area

William S. Tuttle, Politics/PPA, 1994
Energy Sustainability: What it Will Take to Get There and Why it has Taken So Long

Andrew Tyler, Politics/PPA, 2004
Two Bushs in Iraq: Lessons for the Future of U.S. Foreign Policy

Koko Umoren, Politics/PPA, 2008
The European Union Final Report: The Aftermath of the 2007 Nigerian Election

Alexandra Wakeman, Politics/PPA, 2006
Unintended Consequences of School Reform: Exploring the Goals and Outcomes of, and Justifications for, Public Single Sex Education

George Adam Ward, Politics/PPA, 2019 
Olympic Ambitions The Los Angeles 2018 Games as a Model for the Future of the Olympic Games

Marisa Weisburger, Politics/PPA, 2014
Performing O and P: How artist Visa Policy and Cultural Diplomacy Can Improve America's Image Abroad

Cadence Williams, Politics/PPA, 1996
Breaking the Contract: Changes in Federal Funding for the Third Sector

Carolyn Wu, Politics/PPA, 2000
Smaller Classes, Growing Gap: The California Class Size Reduction Act: A Work in Progress

Olivia Jane Zalesin, Politics/PPA, 2017
Going Above and Beyond for California’s Foster Youth: SB 1023 Implementation and Recommendations for Improvement and Expansion

Sophie Zagerman, Politics/PPA, 2018
Developing Medical-Legal Practice: Resource Use and Exploratory Design in Local Medical-Legal Partnerships.

Felix Zhang, Politics/PPA & German, 2012.
Understanding and Promoting the Best Practices to Increase Minority Student Success in STEM Majors.

Andrew Zhao, Politics/PPA 2022
A Preliminary Evaluation of the Psychiatric Assessment Care Team (PACT) in Claremont, CA

*denotes theses currently missing from the PPA library