Psychology Theses

Lorinda Andrews, Psychology/PPA, 1985
Computers in Elementary Education: A Case Study

Kelsey Atkinson, Psychology/PPA, 2014
Bridging the Justice Gap: Exploring Approaches for Improving Indigent Access to Civil Counsel in Cases Involving Basic Human Need

Gabriel Audant, Psychology/PPA, 2006
How Can Learning Be Improved in the California Public School System?

Einav Aviram, Psychology/PPA, 1993
Voluntary Inter-group Contact: The Case of Multi-Ethnic Coalitions

Laura Bailey, Psychology/PPA, 1981
Testing and Assessment of Mexican-American Students

Brenda Benitez, Psychology/PPA, 2016
Improving Protections for Battered Immigrant Women in the United States: An Assessment of Accessibility.
Readers: Richard Worthington and Eric Hurley

Sara Bernstein, Psychology/PPA, 2003
Head Start Underenrollment: Changing Family Needs and Static Program Offerings

Mary Jane Breinholt, Psychology/PPA, 1986
Diapers and Dollars – A Critical Analysis of Motivation Behind Corporate Support of Child Care

Kim Bui, Psychology/PPA, 2000
Sibling Loss Through Separation: Effects of Unresolved Grief on Self-concept Among Foster Kids

*David Burke, Psychology/PPA, 1991
Clearing Up the Air on Clearing Up the Air: Business Attitudes on the South Coast Air Quality Management District

Claire Eldredge Burns, Psychology/PPA, 2017
Reiterative Devolution and the Accountability Question: A Case Study Involving ‘Peer Provided’ Mental Healthcare in Los Angeles County
Readers: Richard Lewis and Hung Cam Thai

Christie Canales, Psychology/PPA, 2007
The Attitudes and Perceptions of Continuation High School Students and How It Relates to a Student's Desire and Outcomes: Does Stigma Affect the Outcomes for Continuation Students?

Anne Chaney, Psychology/PPA, 1992
Does the Abused Become the Abuser?  An Investigation of the Intergenerational Transmission Hypothesis

Jackie Chen-His Chang, Psychology/PPA, 2018
Outdoor Themed Education Changes the Association Between Teacher Engagement and Student Motivation: Case Study f wo Elementary Schools in Claremont Unified School District.

Elyse Cooper-Smith, Psychology/PPA, 2007
Put Me in Coach? How Sex-Separated and Co-Educational Physical Education Classes Affect Performance Motivation in Adolescent Girls

Melina Cuesta, Psychology/PPA, 2016
The Effects of Yik Yak on the Racial Campus Climate

Vy Thuy Doan, Psychology/PPA, 2018
Healing and Hurting in Diaspora: Mental Health Perceptions Amongst Second-Generation Vietnamese Americans.

James Doernberg, Psychology/PPA, 2016
Inequality, Technical Automation, and the Case for Universal Basic Income and Happiness.
Readers: Sharon Goto and John Clithero

Hannah Doruelo, Psychology/PPA, 2016
Mapping U.S. Racial Borders: A Psychological and Legal History of Citizenship
Readers: Eric Hurley and David Menefee-Libey

Renee A. Faulkner, Psychology/PPA, 2004
Young Children's Conceptions of Race and the Implications for Multicultural Education

Barbara Feder, Psychology/PPA, 1987
The Link Between Families and the Workplace: Determinants of Work-Family Role Conflict in Single Parents

Michael Franco, Psychology/PPA, 1982
Community Mental Health Services: A Case Study in Effectiveness and Quality of Care

Laemencia Garcia, Psychology/PPA, 1985
Barriers to Care: Prerequisites to Infant Mortality and Morbidity

Patricia Garcia, Psychology/PPA, 1993
An Analysis of the Upward Bound Program: An Examination of Attribution Styles, Locus of Control, and Degree of Biculturalism in Upward Bound vs. Non-Upward Bound Students

Beth J. Gerber, Psychology/PPA, 1987
The Effectiveness of Cognitive Rehabilitation in Closed-Head Injury Children

Kristin Grant, Psychology/PPA, 1986
The Effect of Inservice Education on Nurse's Tendencies to Make Organ Donor Referrals

Erin Haley, Psychology/PPA, 2006
Group Emotional Intelligence in School District Art Teams

Elyza Halpern, Psychology/PPA, 2017
Statutory Ambiguity and Interorganizational Collaboration: A Case Study of the Implementation of California State Assembly Bill 114 at Claremont High School and Adjacent Organizations.
Readers: Sharon Goto and Rachel Van Sickle-Ward (PZ)

Jesse Hayward, Psychology/PPA, 1988
California's Need for Both Public School Assessment Policy Reform and a Novel Reform Process to Facilitate the Implementation of Multiple Format Comprehensive Tests

Kelly Ho, Psychology/PPA, 2022
Perceptions and Barriers to 211LA Hotline Utilization Among Asian and Pacific Islanders in Los Angeles County.

Janet Marie Hollis, Psychology/PPA, 1988
Minor's Competency to Consent Abortion and Judicial Activism:  A Study of California's Parental Consent for Abortion Law

Heidi Jensen, Psychology/PPA, 1985
Comparative Implementation of Adoption Policies: San Bernardino and Orange Counties

Erica Lai, Psychology/PPA, 2005
Homeless Youths' Perceptions of the Law: Informing Existing Legal Clinics

Casey Lamb, Psychology/PPA, 2007
The Early Education Influences Study: An Investigation of the Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Participation in Traditional, Waldorf, and Montessori Preschool Programs, and a Discussion of the Implications for Universal Preschool Programs

Scott Landsbaum, Psychology/PPA, 1986
Better Babies for your Bucks: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Susan Lillard, Psychology/PPA, 1985
Implementation of the California Model for Community Mental Health Programs: A Critical Case Study of L.A. County

Eliza Longnecker, Psychology/PPA, 2014
Accountability for Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence: Exploring Traditional Batterer Intervention and Community Accountability Programs

Anne Manalili, Psychology/PPA, 1994
Can One Person Make a Difference? An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Guardians Ad Litem

Jeremy Marks, Psychology/PPA, 2014
Same Year, Different Class: The Effects of Real and Perceived Socioeconomic Inequity in the Undergraduate Context

Sallie Aijalen Marx, Psychology/PPA, 2018
Breaking the Advocacy Bubble: A Comparative Study of Spondylitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis as Political Instruments

Anita Mathias, Psychology/PPA, 2019 
Giving “The Talk”: Sexual Health Education Needs and Classroom Strategies in the words of California Students of Color

Wanda McIntosh, Psychology/PPA, 1982
Adolescent Pregnancy

Dana Mishne, Psychology/PPA, 1985
The Insanity Defense: A Critical Evaluation of Two Suggested Reforms

Bridgett Mitchell, Psychology/PPA, 1991
How the Environment and Parental Behavior Effects the School Achievement of the Homeless Child

Lauren Mitchell, Psychology/PPA, 2007
Predicting the Future: Using Ethnic Identification and Career Education to Predict the Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Outcomes Expectations of Continuation High School Students

Jill Moore, Psychology/PPA, 1987
The Implementation of AB 3632/882 in Los Angeles County: Coordination or Chaos?

*Sharon M. Oshiro, Psychology/PPA, 1983 
Model Minority Asian Americans: Fact or Fiction?

Sara Palmer, Psychology/PPA, 2003
Efficacy and Beyond: Evaluating Federal Spending on Abstinence-Only Education

Hayley Pienton, Psychology/PPA, 2017
Unseen Barriers to Mental Health Services: The Effects of Pluralistic Ignorance on Police Perceptions of Willingness to Seek Treatment and Adherence to Police Subculture
Readers: Richard Worthington and Shlomi Sher

Antony Reyes, Psychology/PPA, 2000
Using Applied Psychology Research to Influence Criminal Justice Policy: A Case Study of the Office of Research and Planning at the Westminster Police Department

Kathryn M. Riccio, Psychology/PPA, 1985
City-Cable Company Relations: An Evaluation of Public Policy Concerns

Jessica Richter, Psychology/PPA, 1985
Public Access to Cable Communications: An Examination of Two California Cities

*Andrea L. Romberger, Psychology/PPA, 1988
Parental Influences on the Education of Homeless Children

Natalie Sacks, Psychology/PPA, 2011
The Impact of Social Competence on Academic Achievement and Implications for Federal Policy

Kelly Schwartz, Psychology/PPA, 2010
Minor's Counsel Training and Understanding of Child Custody Evaluations

David Sherer, Psychology/PPA, 2008
Do Small Learning Communities Help Teachers? An Investigation of Teacher Self-Efficacy and Professional Community at a Los Angeles High School

Amy Tirre, Psychology/PPA, 1989
Self-Efficacy Expectancy, Outcome Expectancy, and Outcome Value: Their Application to Political Efficacy and Political Participation

Kafi Toliver, Psychology/PPA, 1993
Parental Attitudes and the Voucher System:  Using Psychology to Strengthen Public Policy

Katherine Walker, Psychology/PPA, 2007
Effects of Legal Proceedings on Stress and Locus of Control: A Study at the Pomona Self-Help Legal Clinic, a Branch of the Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles

Adam Jay Wasserman, Psychology/PPA, 1994
Victim Impact Statements: Tools of Justice or Discrimination?

Elizabeth Widmar, Psychology/PPA, 2003
Village Academy High School At Indian Hill: A Pathway to Urban Education Reform in the Pomona Unified School District

Joe Witte, Psychology/PPA, 2011
Bias Attribution, the False Consensus Effect, and Deliberation: A Political Psychology Perspective on American Democracy

Dierdre Zane, Psychology/PPA, 1985
Nutrient Levels for the Elderly

*denotes theses currently missing from the PPA library