Sociology Theses

Guadalupe Arias, Sociology/PPA, 1993
Crime and Recidivism: Exploring the Life Experiences of Wards in the California Youth Authority

*Kara Balemian, Sociology/PPA, 1990
Cultural Capital and Student Willingness to Stay in School: A Case Study of San Antonio Continuation High School

Mariah Barber, Sociology/PPA, 2015
California’s Extended Foster Care Program: Successful Transitions to Adulthood

Phoebe Scout Dixon Bass, Sociology/PPA, 1997 (December)
Reforming Caseworker Training: The Effects of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 on the Training of Eligibility Workers in San Bernardino County

Kendra Bischoff, Sociology/PPA, 2002
The Effects of Homeownership on Societal and Individual Well-Being; A Critical Assessment of Current U.S. Policy

Susan Blank, Sociology/PPA, 1990
AIDS Related Sexual Behavior Among College Students: A Case Study of Pomona College Students

John Bonacorsi, Sociology/PPA & Chicana/o and Latina/o studies, 2012
(Re)constructing Deportation Policy and (Re)imagining Law Advocacy Groups' Responses to the Implementation of Secure Communities in Southern California.

*Deann Brodke, Sociology/PPA, 1987
Gender Stereotypes in Disney Animation: Do the Newer Films Reflect Current Societal Values?

Heather Callahan, Sociology/PPA, 2004
What it takes to stay in School: Truancy Intervention Theory and Practice

Jessica Case, Sociology/PPA, 2005
Volunteerism and Accountability: A Case Study of Shoes That Fit

Lizette Ceja, Sociology/PPA, 2011
“Éramos lideres, no nomas de nuestra casa, Éramos líderes de la comunidad": Women organizing for a better community in the city of Mariposa

Sami Cleland, Sociology/PPA, 2014
Learning from Silver Lake, Los Angeles: New Trends in Gentrification

Amanda Coba, Sociology/PPA, 2015
A Few Good Jobs: Firefighting as Worthy, Stable, Work in an Hourglass Economy

*Eva Contreras, Sociology/PPA, 1997
Investigating the Investigators: An Analysis of How Child Social Workers Determine Dispositions of Cases of Child Abuse/ Neglect

Christian Curtis, Sociology/PPA, 1996
City of Ontario's GIS Division: A Model for Municipal GIS

Leslie Danielson, Sociology/PPA, 1986
The Status Offender

Verity Decker, Sociology/PPA, 2004
The Road that Brought Me Here: Paths to Homelessness for Families in Pomona College

Lynne Glaspey, Sociology/PPA, 1989
Every Thirty Seconds . . . An Analysis of the Effects of Parental Consent Laws and Abortion Ratios

Jose Luis Gomez, Sociology/PPA, 2016
From Prop. 187 to AB 60: Contextualizing California Policies on Immigration from 1990 to 2015

Adriana Erica Gonzalez, Sociology/PPA, 2018
Quick to Punish: Racializing Violence, Discipline, and Power in Waukegan Public Schools

Matthew H. Green, Sociology/PPA, 1997
Analyzing Conflict: A Case Study of Groundwater Government in Chino Basin

Adrienne Gutierrez, Sociology/PPA, 1992
A Cultural Look at Sexual Harassment

Mia Hahn, Sociology/PPA, 2016
A Foucauldian Analysis of the Daily 5.
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Kathleen Yep (PZ)

Melissa Hanna, PPA/Sociology, 2009
Intersections of Culture and Society on Urban Skateboarding Communities 

Carolyn Sue Hausman, Sociology/PPA, 1984
Implications of DRG-Based Prospective Reimbursement: A Focus on Medical Staff-Administration Roles and Relationships in the Private Non-Profit Hospital

Charles Herman, Sociology/PPA, 2014
The Clarification of Proposition 209: Gauging the Impact on Native Americans at the University of California

Lindsay Justine Hill, Sociology/PPA, 2004
Unit Member Transfers: Teacher Transfer Policy Goals vs. Outcomes

Carla Hinojosa, Sociology/PPA, 2005
Public Education in California: Are Standards Everything?

*Jonder Ho, Sociology/PPA, 2005
Meeting the Needs of Students in Alternative Education: A Case Study of Phoenix Academy

Chad Horsford, Sociology/PPA, 2011
Engage This: Christianity and Community Organizing in Pomona, CA

Laura Jensen, Sociology/PPA, 1988
Policy Issues in the Integration of Severely Handicapped Adults

Christina Lee, Sociology/PPA, 2008
Unpacking Individualistic Perspectives on Poverty: Asian American Perceptions of Poverty in Rowland Heights

Douglas Allen Lewis, Sociology/PPA, 2017
Democratizing Planning: The Siting and Development of Claremont’s Affordable Housing Complexes
Readers: Richard Worthington and Azmat Junisbai (PZ)

Karen Lin, Sociology/PPA, 1993
"Lively and Timely" Programming:  A Case Study Of Life and Times

Heidi Ochoa, Sociology/PPA, 1985
A Gender-Based Plea for Justice and Equity: The Socioeconomic Benefits of Child Support Enforcement

Suzanne Olivas, Sociology/PPA, 1987
The Corporate Fitness Program: A Normative Model

Mary Padden, Sociology/PPA, 2011
The AVID Program and Teacher Collaboration: How AVID Fosters a Caring Environment and the Factors that Limit It

Larissa Velazquez Pazaran, Sociology/PPA 2022
The Privileged Underprivileged: Exploring the Limitations of College Access Programs

Rebecca Platt, Sociology/PPA, 1988
Proposition 8: Success or Failure?

Christopher Ramos, Sociology/PPA, 2008
The Latino/a Home Owning Class: Navigating Wealth, Securing Property and Utilizing Social Capital

Veronica Rebal, Sociology/PPA, 2006
The Role of Public and Private Providers in Services to the Homeless: A Claremont, CA Case Study

James Riker, Sociology/PPA, 1981
Solar Energy's Potential for the Future: Policy Design and Implementation at the Local Government Level

Jennifer Rojas, PPA/Sociology, 2009
Segregating Communities: Private Institutions in Our Public System.

Karla Ruiz, Sociology/PPA, 2008
Acquiring Americanidad: Examining Young Latino Adults in U.S. Consumer Culture and their Presence in Policy

Lauren Corinne Rodriguez, Sociology/PPA, 2022
“What Is… Gender Inequity and Performance in Mass Media?” The Sociopolitical Implications of Marginalization on Jeopardy!

Hilary Sager, Sociology/PPA, 2014
What Happens to a Dream Deferred: An Evaluation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Lanna Sanchez, Sociology/PPA, 2019
The Stability Paradox of Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Backlogs: Unstable Policy Implementation for a Stability –Aimed Visa.

Teofanny Octavia Saragi, Sociology/PPA, 2018
Visions for Liberation: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Beyond Bars

Ryley Aran Share, Sociology/PPA, 2004
Youth Voice, Youth Action: Advocating for Comprehensive Sex Education

*Perris Straughter, Sociology/PPA, 2005
Do the attributes of programs servicing young Men-who-have-sex-with-Men really contribute to successful HIV prevention?

Kyra Sweeney, Sociology/PPA, 2016
Mental Health Services for Students with Disabilities: Implications of Policy Changes in California.
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Lynn Rapaport

Julia Unruhe, Sociology/PPA, 2006
The Unexpected Effects of Organizing in Pitzer's Dining Hall

Katie Valentine, Sociology/PPA, 2015
Institutional Provision and Student Persistence in Remediation: A Examination of Westerns New Mexico University

Gloria Hilda Villa, Sociology/PPA, 1988
Affirmative Action Programs: Are They Helping Women Mover Into Higher Positions?

Simone Elease Willis, Sociology/PPA 2022
Expanding the Wor(l)d: An Investigation in to Multiliteracies in Michigan’s ELA Curriculum Standards

*denotes theses currently missing from the PPA library