Science Technology and Society Theses

Matthew Anderson, STS/PPA, 2006
Ensuring Equal Access to Justice in a New Age: An Analysis of the California Courts Online Self-Help Center

*Lorelei Brown, STS/PPA, 1993
The Public in Technological Decision-Making: A Case of Water Reclamation

Courtney Chavez, STS/PPA, 2002
Assessing the Community Prisoner Mother Program: The Significance of the Mother-Child Bond

Isabella Deatherage, Science, Technology, Society/PPA, 2020
The Rise of the Personal-Data Surveillance Economy: How the Federal Policymakers Can and Should Augment Obsolete Frameworks to Better Protect Consumers in the United States

William Theodore Deheeger, STS/PPA, 2017
(Un)Obtainable: Right to Try Policies, Investigational Drugs, and the Pursuit of Hope
Readers: Richard Worthington and Anna Wenzel (Keck)

Katherine Duberg, Science, Technology, and Society/PPA, 2010
Beginnings of a Youth-Led Environmental Justice Movement

Logan Galansky, STS/PPA, 2014
Reclaiming the Diagnosis The Effects of Demographic Characteristics on Patient Group Agency and Treatment Paradigms in the Political and Medical Spheres

Janet Lee Grayson, STS, Scripps, 1999
Organic Agriculture: The Environment, Regulatory and Economic Aspects of a Growing Industry

Crystal Huang, Science, Technology, and Society/PPA, 2020 
A New Regulatory Framework for a CRISPR Future

Andor Kesselman, STS/PPA, CMC, 2014
Open Source and Electronic Voting: A New Strategy Toward Technical Procurement for Voting Systems

Sabrina Ling, STS/PPA, 2001
Idle Hands – Biotechnology's Tools?

Jessie Michelle Levin, Science, Technology, Society/PPA, 2018   
Breathing is Not a Choice: An Evaluation of Air Quality Messaging Programs in Schools 

Christopher Marin, STS/PPA, 1999
Silicon Genesis

Ryan Olson, STS/PPA, 1995
Broadcast Interactivity: The Commercial Conquest of Digital Information Technology

*Marc Robert, STS, 1994
Composting as a Waste Disposal Alternative: An Economic Sociological Political and Technological Evaluation

Claire Rojstaczer, STS/PPA, 2004
Overlapping Expertise: Technological Advice to Congress in the Post-OTA era

Alaina Woo, STS/PPA, 2017
Hidden Fences: Constructed Barriers in Computer Science Participation at The Claremont Colleges
Readers: David Menefee-Libey and Richard Worthington

Troy Yoshino, STS/PPA, 1995
Government By The People: The Importance of Interest in the Policy Making Process

*denotes theses currently missing from the PPA library