Bridges Auditorium Accessible Seating

Bridges Auditorium is accessible to persons with disabilities. Both accessible parking and accessible seating are available. Patrons needing to take advantage of these amenities are asked to contact Bridges Auditorium Box Office by email at, or by phone at (909) 607-1139 prior to the performance so that arrangements can be made in advance.

Accessible Parking

Parking spaces near the auditorium are limited, due to our location in the center of the Pomona College south campus.

  • There are nine accessible parking spaces located south of the auditorium on Fourth Street.
  • There are three additional spaces in the Sumner Hall lot located to the southwest of the auditorium on College Way.
  • We have a designated drop-off/pick-up area located at the corner of Fourth Street and College Way.
  • There is a wheelchair-accessible ramp located at the northwest corner of the building, to the left of the front steps; once inside, our main floor is fully accessible.

Accessible Seating

All of our accessible seating is located on our main floor, and is available in three separate areas: front row in the left section, front row in the right section, and to the right of the sound booth in the center section.


The accessible restrooms at Bridges Auditorium are located on our lower level. The women's restroom has two stalls and the men's restroom has one stall. An elevator to the basement level accessible restrooms is located in the northwest corner of the lobby, directly across from door A.

Hearing Assistance

The auditorium has forty-five Listen receivers with universal ear pieces and fifteen Listen receivers with T-coil loops. Hearing assistance devices are available at the box office lobby door.

Service Animals

Bridges Auditorium only allows service animals inside the venue with proper leashes and/or harnesses. Since we are a historic venue we ask that ticket holders with service animals please contact the box office in advance to ensure there is extra space for the service animal to keep our aisles clear for the safety of all patrons.