Update Regarding Work-Study and Student Finances

We are writing with some important updates in response to ongoing conversations with students regarding work-study and finances in general. We believe both students and college staff members share the goal of increasing financial security and supporting students’ ability to make the most of their Pomona College experience. Here are some key steps underway to advance these goals:

  • All the students who received the notification in late March – stating that they had reached their student employment allotment – remain eligible to work. None has been terminated from their employment. All supervisors in this matter have been notified of the process for increasing work allotments.
  • We are working to reduce the use of registration holds. Holds now will only be applied to balances over $500. We also are eliminating late fees for balances under $500. Our aim is to provide more pathways for students and families to avoid charges, address challenges early and prevent situations that increase their costs.
  • We are eliminating payment plan setup fees.
  • At the start of each term, the Financial Aid Office sends a notice informing students of the policy that financial aid covers P.E. courses. We will include language with a reference to the Dean of Students Office/Accommodation Services. We are planning to have an announcement go out with this information shortly to notify students who may be making course selections as part of pre-registration.

We also are working to offer more clarity and information regarding available work-study opportunities, including providing an easier way for students to track how much is left of their work study allotment at any time. We will follow up with additional details in this area. In the meantime, a student employment workshop with representatives from key areas will be held at noon on May 6 in the Frank Blue Room. Please come with your questions.

Also, if you are facing financial challenges, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of Financial Aid (financial.aid@pomona.edu), the Student Accounts team (student.accounts@pomona.edu) or the Dean of Students Office (studentaffairs@pomona.edu).

Work-study and other financial issues are important, and we believe we can work together as a community in this area. Please feel welcome to reach out to us with any questions. Thank you to all the students, faculty and staff members working on this with us.



Gabrielle Starr

Avis Hinkson
Vice President and Dean of Students

Karen Sisson
Vice President and Treasurer

Robin Thompson
Director of Financial Aid