As often as possible, we encourage you to seek opportunities to use public transportation, carpool, ride a bike or even walk to you community engagement destination, however, if these options are not practical,
we have a few options that may be of interest to you.

Draper Center Shuttle

The Draper Center offers free shuttle service to your community engagement opportunity.  Whether your commitment is a weekly occurrence or a one-time event, we will provide round trip service in our 7 passenger vehicle within a 30 minute drive time from the campus.  To make shuttle reservations, please complete the reservation form. Requests must be made 5 days in advance.

Metrolink Tickets

Is your work in the community along the path of the Metrolink rail line?   We can help you offset the expense of your Metro link fare.


If your community engagement opportunity is out of the area, and more than a train ride away, the Draper Center can provide single-use authorization to the College's Zip Car pool – at little or no expense to you!

Because Zip Cars are a shared benefit among the community of The Claremont Colleges, we ask you to consider the following Zip Car protocol:

  • Return the Zip Car on time.
  • Do not keep the Zip Car in your possession longer than you need it.
  • Cancel your reservation if you no longer need to use the vehicle. Be conscientious of the needs of other and do not reserve a Zip Car if you have other transportation options available to you