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Administrative and Academic Mail

Due to Covid-19, the Mailroom's hours are 8am-12pm Monday through Friday.  Mail runs are made Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Welcome to the Administrative and Academic Mail Services website.  We are located in the basement of Sumner Hall.  Our main responsibility in this mailroom is to receive all mail and packages for the Administrative and Academic offices on campus.  We also meter all outgoing mail that originates from the various departments on campus. 

Mail Runs

We receive two mail deliveries a day from the US Postal Service.  After we sort the incoming mail and the department mail we deliver to the various departments.  We make two mail runs to the campus a day.  The morning run usually starts about 9:00am and the afternoon run usually starts around 1:00pm.  We also pick up outgoing mail during these runs. 

Campus Mail

We pick up and deliver inter-campus mail.  Inter-campus mail is mail that is going from one department to another.  This mail is sorted immediately upon our return from the run and delivered on the next mail run.  For example, if a department sent a piece of mail to another department and we pick it up during the morning run then it would be delivered during the afternoon run on the same day. 

Metering Outgoing Mail

We meter all outgoing mail from the departments as soon as we return from the run.  Our meter machine has accounting software that tracks all postage charges for each department.  The metered mail is taken to the Post Office by 4:00pm so that it can be sent out on the truck to the distribution center that leaves Claremont around 4:30.  Anything brought to the mailroom after 4:00pm will miss that last delivery and will go out the next day.