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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What happens to my mail during the summer?

A.  The student mailroom will automatically forward your mail to your permanent address on file with the Registrar.  If you are going to be on campus or at a different address, please come by the mailroom to fill out the appropriate form.

Q.  What happens to my mail after I graduate?

A.  We will forward your mail to your permanent address until August 1st for May graduates and until March 1 for December graduates.  After that, we will return all mail to the sender.  If you have another address you want your mail forwarded to, you will need to fill out a change of address form.  We recommend changing your address directly with your bank, credit cards, magazines, and anywhere else that you receive mail on a regular basis from.  Forwarding mails is a slow process with the US Postal Service and you will see delays.  If you are going to be on campus during the summer, you will need to make arrangements with the department you are working for to have your mail forwarded there as we are unable to allow you to keep your mailbox once you graduate.

Q.  When is the last delivery to the Post Office?

A.  The last truck leaves the Claremont Post Office at approximately 4:30 so we make our last run to them around 4:00 pm to insure the mail gets on the truck.  If mail is brought over after that, we can still take it over that day but it won't go out until the next business day from the Post Office.

Q.  When can I start receiving packages at school?

A.  The general rule is 2 weeks before you return to campus.  If you are coming back to school early for some reason, then please make sure you let us know that you are returning early.  Please keep in mind, we do not have a large storage area for packages and cannot hold on to everyone's packages for weeks at a time.