Pomona Retirement Plan

The Academic Retirement Plan (ARP) is the primary retirement plan for The Claremont Colleges.  All faculty and staff (excluding students) are eligible to participate through voluntary elective deferrals upon date of hire.  Eligible employees 50 years of age or older may contribute an additional “catch up” contribution.  Eligible employees who exceed the social security taxable wage base will receive and additional 2% “step-up” contribution for the remainder of the calendar year.  Contributions are vested 100% immediately upon participation in the ARP.

Pomona College contributes 10% of the employee’s annual salary upon satisfying the service requirement and attainment of age 21.  Employee voluntary elective deferrals can be made on a pre-tax or Roth after-tax basis upon date of hire.

Employer contributions are effective after 1 year of employment.  Grade 13 and higher are eligible first day of the month after date of hire.