International and Domestic Programs Travel Allowance

The International and Domestic Programs Office (IDPO) will provide study abroad participants a travel allowance, which is a contribution towards the cost of round-trip airfare. This allowance will be based upon travel from the closest international airport from your home city (officially listed in Pomona College records) to your study abroad destination. Domestic program participants who receive Financial Aid from Pomona College are also eligible to receive a domestic travel allowance, if needed, for transportation to and from their program site. The IDPO has partnered with Corniche Travel, which will assist in booking your flights. All students must book their tickets through Corniche in order to receive the travel allowance benefit.

Booking Your Ticket

You must arrive by the designated start date and time for your program. Remember to allow for time changes, connecting flights, weather, airport screening, international immigration procedures, and in-country transportation from the airport to the program site. Be aware that in many cases travel may take you one or two days to reach your destination.  Before making your travel arrangements, verify your program dates and arrival instructions with your program sponsor. Be sure and view our Travel Resources page for more information.

As you prepare to travel, plan for high security at airports and lengthy waiting times. Most airlines advise that you arrive at the airport two to three hours prior to an international flight and one to two hours prior to a domestic flight. Often, there is a cutoff time after which travelers who haven’t arrived at the airport and/or checked in for their flight will be removed from the flight. Review your tickets carefully to determine the rules for your flight.

Pack carefully. Airlines do not permit any sharp objects in carry-on bags. These include such items as: scissors, tweezers, utility knives, and razors. In addition, you may wish to contact airlines directly about other recommendations related to packing items like computers, cameras and electronic equipment. Confirm your reservations before you depart. Airline schedules fluctuate frequently, and it is important that you stay in touch with the airlines and Corniche Travel about any changes that may occur.

Budgeting Abroad

Watch a short video from the Benjamin A. Giilman International Scholarship that provides tips on budgeting abroad.