Scholarships for Study Away

Financial Aid for study away during the academic year transfers 100% for students participating in study away through Pomona College. In addition, national and program-specific scholarships are available for fall, spring, academic year, and summer study abroad. These awards typically reduce the family contribution to Pomona’s tuition and can provide funding in place of work study during the semester or year off-campus.

For more information on your financial aid package and how outside scholarships may be applied, please visit the Office of Financial Aid.

Students with demonstrated financial need may also apply for Pomona’s Community Engagement Grant for study away.

Pomona College Community Engagement Grant for study away

Funding: Up to $100


Pomona College students with demonstrated financial need participating in a semester or yearlong study away program.

Application Criteria and Process 

Requests will be considered to support expenses or activities that will help students explore and deepen their engagement in their local community off-campus.

The International and Domestic Programs Office is interested in learning how you are uniquely qualified to receive the award and how the funds will support your study away experience. Please send a request to that addresses the following questions:

  • What are your goals for studying in this program?
  • How would you utilize the award to support your study away goals, with a particular emphasis on deeper engagement with the local community and culture?

In responding to these questions, please explain your financial circumstances. Include a separate itemized list of related expenses.

Word Limit: 500 words or less

Deadline: Requests will be considered on a rolling basis until funds are no longer available. If approved, students will receive funds for their requests by direct deposit within 7-10 days after approval.

Scholarship Resources 

What follows is a list of national and program-specific scholarships. For more resources, please visit the Institute of International Education Programs webpage or search Scholarships on Diversity Abroad.

National Scholarships

AASAP/UK Lord Acton Memorial Scholarship Funding: £1,000 
Eligibility: 3.0 GPA, study abroad in UK Service requirement: Willingness to share experiences abroad with the AASAP/UK community in person at the beginning and through a reflective written piece at the end of the study abroad experience
Deadline: June 5

AATJ-Bridging Scholarship
Funding: $2,500/semester; $4,000/year
Eligibility: U.S. citizens; study in Japan for credit that will transfer to Pomona; Japanese language study is not a prerequisite
Deadline: May (for fall); October (for spring)

beGirl World Scholarship
Funding: $2,000
Eligibility: Black female identifying; U.S. Citizen; proof of acceptance in study abroad program
Deadline: August (for fall)

Boren Scholarship
Funding: Up to $25,000/year or $12,500/semester
Eligibility: U.S. citizen; undergraduate not graduating until after Boren funding period; plan to study in an eligible world region (Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, Middle East); plan to study a foreign language
Service requirement: One year of work for the federal government after graduation, department related to national security
Deadline: Pomona deadline January 10, 2024 

BUTEX Scholarship
Funding: £500
Eligibility: Undergraduate study in the UK for at least one semester at a BUTEX-affiliated university
Deadline: July (for study during the next academic year)

Diversity Abroad Inclusive Ireland Scholarship
Funding: €3,000
Eligibility: GPA 3.0; undergraduate at a college or university in the US; participate in study abroad in Ireland; see also required diversity criteria in scholarship description
Deadline: April 

Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador Scholarship
Funding: $500
Eligibility: varies; priority for economically disadvantaged, first generation, minority racial/ethnic backgrounds, and students with disabilities
Service requirement: Share abroad experiences; participate in community
Deadline: varies – February, September

Funding: up to $5,000/semester or$7,000/year
Eligibility: U.S. citizens or permanent residents; study abroad program in East or Southeast Asia; undergraduate students; GPA >2.8; demonstrated financial need; receiving academic credit
Service Requirement: submit survey upon return to U.S.; initiate service project to promote study abroad opportunities in Asia and report on it
Deadline: March 

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship 
Funding: Up to $10,000
Eligibility: US citizens or permanent residents; study abroad for Pomona credit for at least four weeks
Deadline: January (fall), September (spring)

Gilman Scholarship
Funding: Up to $5,000
Eligibility: U.S. citizen; undergraduate student; Federal Pell Grant recipient (at time of application and during study abroad); receiving academic credit; country of study not restricted; minimum of four weeks
Service requirement: Upon return, recipients must create and execute a “Follow-on Service Project”
Deadlines: March (fall, academic year, summer); October (spring)

Gilman-McCain Scholarship
Funding: $5,000
Eligibility: U.S. citizen; undergraduate student; child dependents of active duty service members; receiving academic credit; receiving Title IV federal financial aid
Deadlines: August (program start dates: September 1 - April 30)

Hostelling International USA Explore the World Travel Scholarship
Funding: $2,000
Eligibility: between ages of 18-30; permanent, legal U.S. resident; travel includes volunteering or service learning
Service requirement: Use social media to communicate experiences.
Deadline: November 27

The Going Abroad Scholarship Funding: $1,500
Eligibility: U.S. citizen, or permanent resident
Deadline: March 15, October 15

Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship Funding: $1,000
Eligibility: U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or U.S. student visa; good academic standing
Deadline: November 15 (spring), April 15 (fall)

Toshizo Watanabe Scholarship
Funding: Up to full cost of attendance
Eligibility: U.S. citizen or permanent resident; good academic standing; study in Japan for credit; demonstrated financial need
Deadline: March 

Scholarships & Fellowships that do not require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency

Program Scholarships

Individual program providers have a range of merit and need-based scholarships.  Please visit your program provider’s website to learn more.  Here is a list of our program providers that offer scholarships to Pomona students:

More Resources on Scholarships

For more information on your financial aid package:
Office of Financial Aid at Pomona College
(909) 621-8205


Crowdsourcing and fundraisers can be a great way to raise additional money for study abroad, particularly for items such as immunizations, passport, books, supplies, and other personal expenses not covered by Pomona or outside scholarships. Sites like FundMyTravel and GoFundMe provide tools to build a fundraising platform and spread the word among family and friends.