It is your responsibility to arrange to have your official transcripts sent to a centralized application service and also to any schools requesting an official transcript through the Pomona College Registrar. You may be required to submit a form from the central application service to the Registrar. Review your transcript to make sure it is both complete and accurate. Cross-registration courses taken at the other Claremont Colleges are listed as Pomona courses and do not need to be submitted separately.

Note: most centralized application systems will only send your transcript to schools once. Meaning, if you apply prior to the end of your Pomona coursework, you will need to request and then send your final transcript to the individual schools you have applied to; this may also require a fee per transcript copy requested.

If you have ever attended any 2-year or 4-year colleges or universities outside of The Claremont Colleges, you must obtain official transcripts from each even if the courses also appear on your Pomona transcript; for example, college courses you took while you were in high school or in summer session. Request these transcripts early to ensure efficient processing. This does not apply to approved Pomona study abroad programs. You will list these universities on your application but no separate transcript is required.

FAQ's About Transcripts & Coursework for applicants


Request an official copy of your Pomona transcript to use in filling out your centralized application. Once spring 2019 grades are available (May 19th for Seniors and May 28th for continuing students) and you have entered in your schools attended on the centralized application, request an official copy to be sent directly to the CAS. If you studied abroad in spring 2019 do not wait for those grades to post as that can take 1-6 months. However, remember that you may send an updated transcript once that information is available and if you are sending it after you have submitted your centralized application, the updated transcript needs to be sent directly to the school, NOT the CAS. If you have graduated, you can request your Pomona transcript at any time once you have entered in your schools attended on the centralized application. It usually takes about 60-90 minutes to fill out all the coursework.

PLEASE NOTE: The Pomona Registrar sends transcripts to AMCAS electronically and to AACOMAS via mail. When completing the request online, select the appropriate CAS. It is recommended you attach the CAS Transcript Request/Matching Form as well. For AMCAS requests you will also be asked to enter your AMCAS ID number. Be aware that because the AMCAS request is electronic it cannot be canceled or interrupted once submitted. 

If you have taken courses outside the 5Cs you will need to contact those institutions for an official transcript as well. The centralized application services require a transcript from each U.S. or Canadian postsecondary institution where you have attempted coursework, even if the credit was subsequently transferred to and accepted by another school. Courses that are taken at any of the 5Cs and listed on your Pomona transcript are considered home courses. You do not need to list other 5Cs as separate schools attended or request transcripts from these institutions.

If you studied abroad via an approved Pomona program or program that was approved by the study abroad committee, you do not need to request a separate transcript. If you completed an independent study abroad program (this is rare), check the appropriate CAS instruction manual for instructions.


Enter your courses and grades exactly as they appear on the official transcript(s). The only exceptions being that you do not need to include the Claremont College school code (PO, PZ, SC, etc.) and for AACOMAS you need to convert the Pomona credit hours to a 4.0 scale. For AMCAS, just enter the credit hours exactly as they appear.

Transcripts that list the lab and lecture courses together should be listed as one entry on the centralized application. For AMCAS also select “combined lecture and lab”. If only the lecture is listed on the transcript, but the course included a lab section you can add “with laboratory” to the course name.

Use your best judgment when selecting course subjects. Use the department name or classify based on the primary content area. If you are still unsure, refer to the course classification guide in the relevant CAS instruction manual.

In AMCAS, list study abroad coursework under the foreign college exactly as it appears on the sponsoring institution transcript (ex: Pomona) and create an entry for both the sponsoring and foreign institutions in “Schools Attended”. In AACOMAS, list study abroad coursework under the sponsoring institution exactly as it appears on the sponsoring institution transcript and mark the courses “study abroad”. Do not add the foreign college as a school attended.  

Only enter in AP courses for which you received college credit. At Pomona, you receive a maximum of 2 AP credits, but these are generic. Therefore, if you entered in with more than 2 acceptable AP courses, you can decide which 2 to count and list on your centralized application.

Do not list Pomona internship notations as courses. Although they appear on your Pomona transcript, they are not official courses.