Request a Transcript

Unofficial PDF Transcripts

If you are a current student, please log on to My.Pomona and select the “Student” Menu at the top right of the landing page. After that, select "Transcripts" from underneath the heading "My Academic Records" on the right-side column. This page will give you the option to view/download a copy of your unofficial transcript.

If you graduated in 1990 or later, you can also access a downloadable PDF copy of your unofficial transcript via My.Pomona on the alumni transcripts page. If you do not have access to My.Pomona, please contact us via at  To expedite your request, please include your full name, date of birth, graduation year or last year of attendance, major(s), and the last four digits of your Social Security number.  If you prefer to verify your information by phone, please call us at (909) 621-8147.  If you already have access to My.Pomona but have forgotten your portal password, please use the reset password website to regain access.

If you graduated prior to 1990, your unofficial transcript will not be available through My.Pomona, but we can provide you with a PDF copy. Please send your email to and include your full name, date of birth, and year of graduation or last year of attendance.

Official Transcripts

There are several options for delivery of your official transcript.  When you place your order, you may select one of the following delivery methods:

  • Email a secure electronic copy of your official transcript to yourself or another recipient
  • Mail an official hard copy transcript to a specific address
  • Hold an official hard copy in the Registrar's Office for you to pick up

If you are a current student, please log on to My.Pomona and select the “Student” Menu at the top right of the landing page. After that, select "Transcripts" from underneath the heading "My Academic Records" on the right-side column. This page will give you the option to order an official transcript via Parchment, our transcript-processing partner service.

If you are an alumnus, you will need to self-register for an account on the ordering site. During the account creation process, please be sure to enter the correct information in the Authentication section. Enter the name you used as a Pomona College student and only enter “Pomona” in the campus box (without the word “College”). Please save the email address and password you use to create the account. In the future, you will need the credentials to log in and place another order.

Once your account has been created, you may send your official transcript to an address of your choice electronically or by mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electronic transcript?

An electronic transcript is an official transcript that has been digitally signed, certified, and delivered via email. Please make sure your recipient accepts official electronic transcripts before submitting an electronic transcript request.

How do I have a paper copy mailed?

Simply request the “Paper Transcript – Mailed” option from our ordering website.

Do I need an unofficial or official transcript?

Ask your recipient which is preferred. Remember that if you are a current student, your unofficial transcript is available for download 24/7 via My.Pomona.

I'm applying to medical school. How should I request a transcript?

Our transcript vendor has partnered with the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) to receive electronic transcripts. Sending your transcript to AMCAS electronically is the safest and fastest option. Simply select AMCAS as the recipient when placing your order. You will need your AMCAS ID number and transcript ID number. Within two hours of requesting your transcript, the AMCAS application portal should reflect that AMCAS has received it. See the AMCAS website for more information.

I'm applying to law school. How should I request a transcript?

You may send an electronic transcript to the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). When placing your transcript order, select LSAC as the recipient and provide your LSAC account number.

I have a cover letter and/or a form I need to send with my transcript. How do I attach it?

If the form requires any action from the Registrar's Office (a signature, or any fields to be filled in) please send it to us at We will complete the form and send it back to you. You will then be able to upload the form with your transcript order. Please note that once you submit an order via Parchment, we can no longer attach additional items.

If the form requires no action on our part, simply attach a PDF version of the form when placing your order and it will be sent along with your transcript.

Do I have to order through the web?

Yes, all transcript requests must go through the transcript ordering website.

How long will it take to process my order?

Electronic transcripts are processed within minutes. Mailed orders are sent out the same day if the order is placed before 2 p.m. PST. We do not mail transcripts on Saturdays, Sundays, or certain holidays (New Year's Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, or New Year's Eve Day). Orders placed for pick-up are processed within one business day. Please allow an extra business day for processing if you graduated prior to 1990.

May I still pick up transcripts in the Registrar's Office?

You may place an order for pick-up in the Registrar's Office. Please allow one business day for processing.

I'm creating a self-registration account and received the following error message: "The account information could not be validated." What should I do?

The system was unable to find you in the database. Please carefully review the information you have submitted for identification. You must enter the last year attended or the last four digits of your social security number. If you chose to enter both, both MUST be correct. If you feel the information is correct and you are still receiving the error message, please call our office at (909) 621-8147.

When will my card be charged?

The charge will be pre-authorized when you place the order, but your card will not be charged until the transcript is sent.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can log in to the order site and click on “Order Status” at the top of the page.

My order was placed on hold. What should I do?

Check the email you received with the hold status for more information on why the hold was placed on your account.

Remember that current students are unable to receive transcripts during grading periods (typically after the last day of classes and continuing for two weeks after final exams end). Once the grading period ends your order will automatically be processed.

If you have a financial hold, please contact the student accounts manager at (909) 621-8214 or at Once the hold is removed, your transcript request will be automatically processed. You can check its status as described above.

When I log in I see this message: "Due to a restriction or hold placed by your school, you are unable to order any documents at this time." What should I do?

A financial hold has been placed on your account. Please contact the student accounts manager at (909) 621-8214 or at Once the hold is removed, you will be able to place an order.

I'm applying to transfer and filling out the Common Application. What should I do?

We are unable to process online forms for the Common Application at this time. Please log in to the Common Application site and enter as the recommender email. Save the form as a PDF and forward it to us via email. We will complete the form and send it back to you. You will then be able upload the form with your transcript order.

Do you have other questions? See more frequently asked questions in our Transcript Ordering Portal or contact our office!