Enrollment Verifications

Students and Alumni

Enrollment verifications should be provided when you wish to establish your student status without disclosing the private or confidential information contained in your transcript, such as your individual courses, grades, or GPA. If you need a verification of your current enrollment at Pomona College, with your dates of attendance and enrollment status you can produce an automated official certification at your convenience

Log into your portal > click on Student > click on Enrollment Verification

If you have a form from a third party, please email it to registrar@pomona.edu or bring it to the Office of the Registrar after completing the student portion of the form.

If the verification generated from the portal does not meet your needs you can fill out the Student Verification Request form.

Employers, Background Screening Firms, and Other Third-party Requestors

Pomona College does not provide any verification by phone or email. To verify a Pomona College degree or current enrollment, contact the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). The NSC charges a nominal fee for all verifications that are successfully completed. Third party requests for information not contained in an enrollment or degree verification for an individual through the NSC will not be provided regardless of the presence of a third party signed release.

Immediate verification is available through the NSC for most records from 1982 to present. Requests for verification of earlier records may experience a delay of 1-2 business days.