Programs by Petition are study abroad programs that have not been pre-approved by the SAC. These programs are available to students whose academic needs are not met by the existing slate of approved programs. In order to apply for a Program by Petition, students must first petition the SAC for approval. Pomona normally requires a 10.0 GPA minimum for Programs by Petition. Any student below a 10.0 GPA must present persuasive reasons why this policy should be waived. Students below a 9.0 GPA may not petition for a program. Additionally, students should complete the appropriate college-level language study in preparation for the proposed program, if that language is taught at The Claremont Colleges. Students are expected to complete a content course related to the study abroad destination.

All Pomona College study abroad policies and procedures outlined in this guide apply to students who participate in Programs by Petition, except as noted.