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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for the Pomona College Community

Updated Jan. 14, 2020

Since spring, Pomona College has followed a path of preparation, diligently planning for the phased return of students to campus. Here is an overview of the College’s planning update for spring 2021.

The spring semester will begin on Jan. 25 with remote instruction. We’ve restored spring break to a full week from March 8-12.

County public health officials have informed us that plans for a pilot program, which would allow some colleges to return up to 500 students to campus in spring, are on hold right now due to the worsening crisis in our region. If the situation improves enough, the county will revisit the issue and, in early February, we will provide an application for those who are interested in being considered for a spot to live on campus if that option becomes available.

Last fall, we began routine testing of staff members who are required to work on campus. We are now ready to expand our testing program to faculty and staff who plan to come to campus on a routine basis.

For more information, please see the College’s latest update to the community.

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