COVID-19 Vaccination and Masks

Vaccination for COVID-19 is central to our public safety efforts. All students, faculty and staff of Pomona College must be vaccinated for COVID-19 (under the requirements outlined below) unless the individual qualified for an exemption based on medical reasons or sincerely-held religious beliefs.



What are the College’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements?

The College continues to require all students, faculty and staff (including new employees) to receive the initial series of vaccination and at least one booster. In the small number of cases in which a member of our community has requested an exemption, the College has carefully reviewed the medical and/or religious exemption request.

Does the College recommend the new bivalent boosters?

The new bivalent boosters available from Pfizer or Moderna (in fall 2022) are developed to provide improved protection against Omicron subvariants which make up essentially all the currently circulating COVID-19 virus in our region. The College strongly recommends that all eligible members of our community receive this latest booster, though it is not a requirement at this time.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine available on campus?

Student Health Services offers occasional vaccines clinic to students, faculty and staff. Appointments at local pharmacies are widely available through the state website.

Where can I upload my vaccine and booster information?

Faculty and Staff Vaccination Requirements

Is the COVID-19 vaccine a requirement for employment?

For new employees, COVID-19 vaccination is a condition of hiring at Pomona, and proof of vaccination is required.

In order to safely perform the essential duties associated with your position you must receive the initial series of vaccination and at least one booster or have a College-approved exemption.

What if I don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Any employee who fails to comply with the College’s mandatory vaccine and related protocols will be subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment from the College.

To determine the appropriate outcome, the College will follow applicable fact-finding and disciplinary procedures for faculty and staff described in the respective policy handbooks.


When is masking required on our campus?

Under county guidance, asymptomatic individuals who are close contacts to someone with COVID-19 must wear a highly protective mask around others while indoors for a total of 10 days after the last contact with an infected person. Masks are not required outdoors for close contacts.

Please note that some event organizers may require masks due to the nature of the activity. Please check event-related information for relevant guidelines.

In addition, certain locations and programs on campus, such as in the arts, music and athletics, or various events, may have masking requirements. Those requirements will be determined by the department chairs and the Dean of the College. And if county guidance changes, indoor masking could once again be required for all members of our community.

Where can I obtain surgical masks?

Staff and Faculty: The College has obtained an inventory of surgical masks for use by members of our community while on campus. Your department/office may order these on their own or from Facilities and Campus Services via the TMA work order system or you may visit Hamilton Health Box.