Why is the College only allowing online instruction?

Providing remote instruction is the best way to keep the Pomona community safe during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in the U.S. and in Southern California, as a hoped-for summer slowdown in transmissions has not materialized. Instead, the number of cases continues to rise, nationally, statewide and here in Los Angeles County.

Last week, the governor shut down beaches and other areas where people can congregate and neither the State nor LA County has yet to issue guidance governing how institutions of higher education should plan to operate nor have they approved higher ed institutions to move to phase 3 of general reopening plans. What we do know is that any reopening will be accompanied by strict rules to limit density on campus and adherence to strict public health protocols.

For these reasons and our concern that any on-campus experience for students would be necessarily restrictive led us to pursue an entirely remote mode of instruction for the fall semester.

Will students be allowed on campus for the spring semester?

Our hope is that the public health situation in California and across the U.S., and the globe will permit us to invite students, faculty and staff back to campus in the spring. We will closely monitor the health situation and update the community in the fall.

What are the starting and ending dates for fall 2020?

The first day of instruction will be Aug. 24, one week ahead of the traditional start date.

Under the new schedule, undergraduates will complete all coursework by Nov. 24. Final exams and assessments will be conducted remotely and completed by Dec. 4.

Why is the semester starting and ending early?

The Claremont Colleges agreed to change the academic calendar under the presumption that students would return to campus. This early start and early end by Thanksgiving was intended to allow those students who travel for Thanksgiving to do so and not have to travel immediately back to campus and thus minimizing the impact of COVID-19 and the flu season on our community during the winter months.

The recent surge in COVID-19 cases in California and elsewhere around the country has led us to pursue remote instruction for the Fall semester. We will still follow the revised academic calendar.

Information Technology Services Support

ITS has developed a number of instructional and operational continuity resources to help support online teaching and learning as well as remote work. An overview of these resources can be found below. For more information on instructional continuity, please visit the Instructional Continuity site, our Instructional Continuity Sakai page or the Instructional Continuity FAQ page.

As faculty, how do I access applications and my local files while working remotely?

ITS has built a terminal server to offer faculty and staff remote access to work resources from anywhere using any device. Through the terminal server, faculty and staff will be able to connect remotely to commonly used software and their local files from almost any device. This service does not require a VPN connection. To access the service, simply follow these easy steps or see the job aid for more details.

Open a Web Browser

Open https://pomonacollege.cloud.com in your browser and sign in using your Pomona College email account and password (user@pomona.edu) and password. In the “permissions requested” window, select “accept.” If you are currently enrolled in DUO you may be asked to authenticate your login.

Download Citrix Workspace

After logging in, you will be taken to a “Welcome Citrix Workspace” window. Select “detect workspace.” Next, check the box to indicate that you agree with the Citrix license agreement and select “download.” If prompted, open the file to begin the download.

Install Citrix Workspace

Open the downloaded file and install Citrix Workspace. At the “Add Account” installation step, select the checkbox “add account” and select “continue” to complete installation.

Add Account

To add your account, enter “pomonacollege.cloud.com” to Citrix Workspace and select the “add” button. Enter your Pomona College email account and password (user@pomona.edu). If you are currently enrolled in DUO, you may be prompted to authenticate your login. Please note: if you receive a message that you were unable to login, reenter your username and password to proceed.

Select Desktop

Select “Desktops” on the left to expand the menu. Select “all desktops” which will display the environments you can access. Select your preferred desktop and login with your Pomona College email account and password (user@pomona.edu). Please note: you may see a grey colored blank screen. This is a known bug – click anywhere within that space to display the login prompt.

Start Working

Once you’ve logged in, you will see what appears to be a Windows computer. From this screen you can access basic software such as Microsoft Outlook, Office, Excel, and PowerPoint.

For support, the ITS Help Desk may be reached at (909) 621-8061 or servicedesk@pomona.edu.

How do I access telecommuting or network services from home?

ITS offers a broad range of technologies, resources and services to help staff successfully work remotely in the event of an emergency:


All Pomona College staff have access to Microsoft 365, which means that your email, documents, and the entire Microsoft Suite, including Microsoft Office, are accessible from virtually anywhere. To download the application, login to office.com with your Pomona College email account select the application you’d like to download.


To help employees stay in touch with one another, ITS has implemented Slack and instituted Slack workplaces. Slack is an all-purpose collaboration app that allows staff to continue collaborating when they aren’t together through private, encrypted and secure conversations. To use Slack, please refer to the Slack installation and Job Aid.

Video Conferencing

To facilitate meetings remotely, ITS has implemented Zoom. Zoom offers users video meetings, chat and screen-sharing features. It also has the added bonus of split-screen video conferencing so you can see everyone at once, much like an in-person meeting. Learn how to setup and use Zoom at Pomona College

Cloud Storage

If you currently use Box, all of your files are already in the cloud and will be accessible from home. If you have not started using Box and store your files locally, now is the time to move your files so they are accessible via the cloud. Learn how to setup and use Box at Pomona College.

Equipment Availability

Please note that equipment procurement has faced some challenges in recent months.  We are seeing extended delays in equipment delivery from many of our regular vendors. 


When in doubt, contact the ITS Service Desk, Servicesdesk@pomona.edu or 909-621-8061. ITS has invested in making our remote support tools more robust and will be available remotely.

Remote Work Setup

What if I use my personal phone for work calls?

During the temporary period when employees will be permitted to work remotely, employees should use their personal phones, laptops and other devices.

What if I don’t have a reliable internet connection at home?

Employees should, where possible, use available municipal WiFi, such as in public libraries. To the extent that this is not available, the College is still open, and employees should come to campus to work and use the internet to perform their work when possible. We recommend not using internet cafes or coffee shops.

Will I be compensated for my home internet plan?

Employees who are designated for telework are responsible for their own home internet service and plans. The College can consider assisting staff with internet capacity on a case-by-case basis.

Am I able to telework from locations other than home?

Employees may be able to telework from other locations – please discuss the details with your supervisor.

Do I still need to use Kronos?

Hourly employees are still expected to keep track of their time in Kronos. Employees and their supervisors are still expected to sign off on their timecards regularly.

Will overtime be offered?

In accordance with College policy, overtime must be approved in advance by the supervisor before it is worked. Employees should not be working overtime without express approval from their supervisor, and this includes any increments over eight regular hours per day.

What if there is a meeting on campus and I am unable to attend in person?

An employee should be in regular contact with their direct supervisor and should immediately inform the supervisor regarding attendance at meetings.

Other Resources for Faculty

What Other Resources Are Available?

The Employee Assistance Program is available to all faculty and staff 24 hours a day/7 days per week. Please call (800) 234-5465 or log onto www.liveandworkwell.com The access code is claremontcolleges

What are some mental health and wellness resources available to staff and faculty during this remote semester?

There are a number of resources available that address the mental health and wellness of our faculty and staff.  They include:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – offers 24/7 confidential advice and counseling services to eligible employees and their immediate family members.
  • QPR mental health and wellness module - an online program with videos, scenarios, and information about mental health, how to support someone in distress, and how to refer someone to appropriate campus resources.
  • Calm app – All Pomona staff and faculty have free premium access to the Calm app, designed to help users meditate, focus, reduce stress and improve their sleep.