COVID-19 Safety Policy for Events and Meetings

Subject to change as public health guidelines evolve
Last updated September 2, 2022

These policies apply to official Pomona College activities hosted by faculty and staff. Student event policies and guidelines for club activities are located on the Smith Campus Center website.

Guidance on Events

The following are guidelines for Pomona-sponsored events and meetings both on campus and off-campus. Individual event planners may choose to implement additional restrictions based on the specific nature of their event and/or audience.

Vaccination Status

  • State and County COVID-19 safety guidelines distinguish by vaccination status. For this reason, there are times when vaccination status will guide requirements for event planners.
  • It is highly recommended that guest speakers be up-to-date on vaccination at the time of their engagement on campus.
    • Guest speakers must submit a signed COVID-19 Waiver form prior to arriving on campus.
    • Event planners can refer guest speakers to submit proof of vaccination no later than three business days prior to their event date. Non-California speakers will need to provide their state vaccine certification.
  • If an event planner wishes to obtain vaccination status information from event attendees, they may ask attendees to disclose their vaccination status either directly or through self-attestation.
    • Self-attestation may be indirect, such as abiding by signage that requires unvaccinated people to wear masks.
    • Self-attestation may also be direct, such as explicitly requesting vaccination status disclosure during the event ticketing process or on a risk waiver.
    • At the discretion of the event planner, attendees may also be asked to demonstrate vaccination status by showing a copy of their vaccination card upon entry. Event planners should not retain this information.

Mask Policies

  • Public health authorities strongly encourage all individuals to wear a mask indoors and advise that individuals should wear a mask outdoors at events that meet certain conditions (see below).
  • For indoor events/meetings:
    • Vaccinated individuals, including guest speakers, are strongly encouraged to wear a mask indoors. Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear masks indoors.
    • This guideline should be communicated via signage and/or event-specific communications.
    • This guideline stands for external, internal and combined events on Pomona College’s campus or sponsored by Pomona College at an off-campus location.
  • For outdoor events/meetings:
    • Attendees are not required to wear masks outdoors for events that are “passive” in nature, regardless of vaccination status. “Passive” events are those where the attendees are seated, watching a speaker, athletic contest or performance, and not interacting with one another.
    • Attendees are strongly encouraged to wear masks outdoors, regardless of vaccination status, when a group of 50 or more people are engaged in “active” events, such as dancing, singing and shouting or when interacting closely with one another, such as at a reception or social event.
    • Masking is highly recommended for all outdoor events when a group is together for two hours or more and/or social distancing cannot be maintained.
    • Masking requirements will be communicated via signage and/or event-specific communications.
    • This recommendation stands for external, internal and combined events on Pomona College’s campus or sponsored by Pomona College at an off-campus location.
  • In circumstances where masks are required, individuals may unmask while actively eating or drinking, unless otherwise stated.
  • Higher standards can be set by event organizers if desired.

Policies for Events with Food Service

  • Events/meetings with food are permitted only in approved areas in academic buildings, and only for Pomona College and 7C faculty, staff and students. A list of areas approved for events/meetings with food can be found on the Event Planning and Management page of the portal (SSO required to access).
  • Events that include any combination of Pomona College, 7C and external participants/guests may offer the following food service options both indoors and outdoors:
    • Self-service buffets
    • Served buffets
    • Served meals
  • Food service staff must wear masks when serving food/beverages both indoors and outdoors.
  • All events must abide by the mask guidelines set forth in this policy, based on location and number of attendees.
    • In circumstances where masks are required, individuals may unmask while actively eating or drinking, unless otherwise stated.
  • For indoor events:
    • Unvaccinated individuals must be masked while using indoor buffets.
    • For combined (external/internal) events, it is strongly recommended that guests be fully vaccinated or have received a negative COVID PCR or Antigen test within 48 hours before the event.
      • Compliance is based on the honor system, or event planners may elect to require documentation of vaccination and testing status.
    • Event spaces should be designed to allow for distanced eating for those who are unvaccinated and for those who wish to maintain social distancing.
  • These guidelines should be communicated via signage and/or event-specific communications.
  • Higher standards can be set by event organizers if desired.

Contact Tracing and Health Checks

  • For employee safety and contact tracing, Pomona College faculty, staff, and student employees who come to campus for any reason are encouraged to fill out the Daily Health Check each time they plan to come to campus.
  • In general, external guests are not required by public health authorities to complete a health screening for their visits to campus. However, for the safety of the community, some form of health attestation should be included in event communication.
    • Event planners should ask attendees to attest to being symptom-free at the time of the event. This may occur through signage placed at the event entrance. Event planners may also ask for a health attestation in advance as part of the ticketing/reservation process if one is in place. Signage and health attestations should tell attendees not to come to campus if they:
      • Have started exhibiting any of the following COVID-19 symptoms in the last 10 days:
        • Fever or chills
        • Cough
        • Shortness of breath or
          difficulty breathing
        • Muscle or body aches
        • New loss of taste or smell
        • Sore throat
        • Congestion or runny nose
        • Nausea or vomiting
        • Diarrhea
      • Have had close contact with a person with a suspected or laboratory confirmed COVID-19 case within the last 10 days
      • Are currently under an order to isolate or quarantine issued by a health care practitioner, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health or any other local, state or federal agency
    • Event planners are strongly encouraged to ask visitors to complete the daily health check form for external guests if the visit will:
      • Take place largely indoors; and
      • Will involve direct and lengthy (e.g., two hours or more) interactions with students, staff or faculty; or
      • Involve high risk activities, such as singing, yelling, dancing, eating, etc.
      • Event planners will need to determine if the visitor activity meets these criteria and will be responsible for transmitting the form to the visitor in advance of the visit.
    • Vendors working at events will not be required to fill out a daily health check; however, vendors performing work on campus should provide their health protocols to the College for review and approval before coming to campus.
  • Contact tracing information and health attestations are encouraged, but not required, for guests at large, indoor campus venues, specifically, Bridges Auditorium, Bridges Hall of Music and Seaver Theater.
    • Information can be gathered in advance via ticketing/reservation systems. Information about campus policies and compliance agreements should also be incorporated into these processes.
    • Guests who have not obtained tickets or registered in advance may complete this information on-site using online forms accessed via QR codes or using forms accessed via iPad kiosks.