How COVID-19 Policies Come Together at Pomona

We want all members of our community to know how COVID-19 policies for our Pomona College campus come together. Below, we outline the three connected areas that shape the pandemic public health measures at Pomona. They are:

  • State and county public health guidance and regulations
  • Guidance from our own public health experts
  • Claremont Colleges and Pomona-specific decision-making groups

For Pomona, the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) coordinates information and some day-to-day operational decisions, while bringing wider policy recommendations to the larger COVID-19 Planning & Response (CPR) Group.

The COVID-19 Planning & Response Group, comprised of Pomona faculty, administrators and students, is the central advisory group. In the course of the academic year, this group will take on matters such as vaccine and testing requirements, mask rules (within county requirements) and other campus measures.

The College’s executive staff sets Pomona’s overall COVID-19 policy framework, updates the Board of Trustees and consults with the Faculty Executive Committee on academic matters.

Day-to-day implementation of many policies is handled through the Dean of Students Office for students, Human Resources for staff and the Academic Dean’s Office for faculty.

The members of the COVID-19 Planning & Response Group include:

  • G. Gabrielle Starr, president
  • Yuqing Melanie Wu, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty
  • Avis Hinkson, vice president for student affairs and dean of students
  • Christina Ciambriello, chief of staff and secretary to the Board of Trustees
  • Fernando Lozano, professor of economics and chair of the faculty executive committee
  • Hans Rindisbacher, professor of German & Russian
  • Nicholas Ball, associate professor of chemistry
  • Bill Swartz, professor of physical education
  • Robert Robinson, assistant vice president for facilities and campus services
  • Alexis Reyes, director of sustainability and chair of staff council
  • Natalie Hughes, academic coordinator, physics and astronomy
  • Emily Pereznegron '24
  • Anna Choi '23

For more information, visit our community update on COVID-19 policies.