Masks & Other Safety Steps

Everyone, vaccinated or not, must wear a mask in all public indoor settings.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health offers these details on how to properly wear masks, always covering your mouth and nose.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health states that you should choose a mask:

  • That fits snugly against your nose and chin with no large gaps around the sides of the face, AND
  • That has two or more layers of tightly woven or non-woven material, AND
  • That you will be comfortable wearing.

Per the county, do not use masks that:

  • Are made of loosely woven fabrics.
  • Are made of a fabric that is hard to breathe through such as vinyl, leather or plastic.
  • Have valves, vents or holes. (Exception: The CDC states that a NIOSH-certified N95 respirator with exhalation valve can be used.)

Bandanas and scarves are not recommended (unless you wear a mask underneath).

Upgrades to Facilities

How has the College prepared the campus for a responsible return?

To facilitate good public health practice, the College has invested in changes and upgrade to its facilities. These changes include:

  • Cleaned all duct work/coils within central systems.
  • Upgraded all air filters to MERV 11/13 and replacing more frequently as determined by building usage and manufacturers' recommendations.
  • Revised system controls to maximize outside air to facilitate multiple air exchanges through the day.
  • Installed 230 “hands-free” door openers at entry doors to residence halls, classroom buildings and restrooms.
  • Reconfigured select manual light switches to occupancy sensors.
  • Installed centrally-located hand sanitizer stations within the common areas of residential, academic and support buildings.
  • Installed soap dispensers in all residence hall bathroom facilities.

Are outdoor classrooms available?

The College prepared outdoor classroom spaces throughout campus, with priority for use going to classes where masks may pose instructional challenges. These outdoor classrooms are located near Pearsons Hall, Estella Laboratory, Pendleton Dance, Studio Art, Hahn Hall, Seaver Theater, Doms Lounge Amphitheatre, Carnegie Hall and Alexander Hall. Faculty can request a classroom by contacting David Tanenbaum