Visiting Claremont

Pomona College is situated in beautiful Claremont, California – a small college town about 35 miles from Los Angeles, one of the biggest urban environments in the world. To help familiarize you with the surrounding area, we’ve assembled a quick guide to the hotels, restaurants, and other local establishments you’re likely to find yourself frequenting when you pay your children a visit!

Arriving in Claremont

Pomona College is easy to get to with one local airport and four other airports within an hour's drive, as well as public transportation via the Metrolink rail system. Our main Visiting page provides more details.


There are many world-class places to stay right next to The Claremont Colleges – so take a look at our Local Accommodations listing for a jump start on finding the one that works best for you.


The quantity of amazing food in Claremont is only exceeded by its quality. Everywhere you look there’s something new to sample or an old favorite to revisit. Visit the Claremont Chamber of Commerce’s restaurant listings for an excellent primer or spin the roulette wheel over at Yelp and see what comes up!

Banks and Credit Unions

The major banks all have a base of operations in Claremont. Visit our New Student Guide for a list.

Grocery Stores & Shopping

Claremont is centrally located to some serious shopping. If you’ve got a car, Montclair Plaza or the Ontario Mills outlets should meet all your needs. And if you want to stay local, just walk into the Claremont Village – its selection will amaze you. To fill your students' mini-fridge or shelves with snacks, try the Coop Store in Smith Campus Center or visit a local grocery store.


With limited on-campus summer storage, we encourage students to join together to rent portable storage containers. Have your student talk to their older friends for storage advice and company recommendations.

Student Health

While students on campus have access to Student Health Services, you can also find information on local hospitals and pharmacies (including Hendrick's in the Village and a 24-hour Walgreens in Upland) in the New Student Guide if you need medical attention while on campus.