Mac Barnett ‘04
Major: English Profession: Children’s book author What are you doing now? “I write children’s books—picture books, mostly, but some novels for kids, too.” Barnett is the author of the Brixton...
Samantha Meyer '10
Major: Environmental Analysis; Profession: Hunter-gatherer for Smitten Ice Cream
Sam Gold '11
Major: Theatre; Profession: Performer, director and teaching artist
Kim Merrill '14
Major: Computer Science; Profession: Software Engineer, Google
TJ Lane '10
Major: Chemistry; Profession: Associate staff scientist, SLAC National Accelerator Lab
Marisa Castro '09
Major: History; Profession: Production supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios
David Wang '09, founder of Bamboo Bicycles Beijing
Major: Asian Studies; Profession: Founder of Bamboo Bicycles Beijing
Jordan Pedraza '09
Major: Sociology; Profession: Head of community at Remind, Inc., in San Francisco
Miguel Montoya ’08
Major: International Relations and Religious Studies; Profession: Account executive at Jhana, an online learning startup