Project Sister Campus Advocates at Pomona College

To reach a Campus Advocate, please call the Project Sister 24/7 hotline at (909) 626-4357 and say, “I am a Pomona College student, and I would like to speak to a Campus Advocate.”

The Project Sister Campus Advocates at Pomona College are a confidential resource, with the legal privilege of confidentiality, peer advocates who provide direct support to students who have experienced sexual violence and their support systems. Campus Advocates have completed the 40-hour Sexual Assault Counselor Training through the CARES Office and in collaboration with Project Sister Family Services.

*Campus Advocates are available on the Project Sister hotline 24/7 while classes are in session. Campus Advocates are not available during any academic breaks, such as Fall Break, Winter Break, and Summer Break. Students can still receive support from a Project Sister community advocate 24/7.

Term Definition

What does “the legal privilege of confidentiality” mean?

Communications with these resources have legal protections from disclosure in court. These resources also posses professional obligations (the duty of confidentiality) to hold such communications in confidence and they cannot divulge information about an individual seeking their services to a third party without that individual’s consent. There are established limits to confidentiality and these must be communicated to the individual seeking services. For learn more, visit the “Student Police & Procedures” page on the Title IX Office webpage.

What type of support can the Campus Advocates offer?

Explain all the reporting options at Pomona College

Campus Advocates can explain the Title IX process to students and share the ways in which the Title IX Coordinator can offer support, with or without a formal report.

Explain all the Pomona College campus resources

Campus advocates can explain the available resources at Pomona College. These resources and support options can include interim support measures, counseling at Monsour Counseling & Psychological Services (MCAPS), Student Health Services, 7C Health app, and the counseling reimbursement option.

Connect students with community organizations

Campus Advocates are available to support students with the Pomona College resources and reporting options. If a student would like to discuss reporting to local law enforcement or discuss other support resources, the Campus Advocates can connect students to the community advocates at Project Sister Family Services.

Accompany students

Campus Advocates can accompany students who experienced sexual violence to meetings, such as Title IX intake meetings. Campus Advocates can also walk students to various support offices on Pomona College’s campus. If students would like support at off-campus meetings or proceedings, they will need to connect with a community advocate through Project Sister Family Services.

Crisis intervention

Campus Advocates can offer immediate crisis intervention through the 24/7* hotline or during drop-in hours at the Heart Center. Crisis intervention helps ensure that students feel safe in that moment. Although Campus Advocates can offer immediate support, they are not trained therapists and cannot offer ongoing intervention.

Let’s meet the Campus Advocates for the 2022-2023 academic year!

Campus Advocates

Lekha Amin ’23
Aurora Sheridan
Alice Richards
Dahlia Locke
Eleanor Farry
Evelyn Mineo
Ruthie Metcalfe