Title IX Reporting Resources

Any person who experiences sexual harassment and discrimination, partner violence, sexual assault and/or stalking has several options for disclosure and/or reporting. The following reporting options are available to Pomona College students, faculty and staff.

Individuals who believe that they have been the subject of or have witnessed alleged sexual misconduct, discrimination and/or harassment are encouraged to contact any of the appropriate College representative listed below:

Title IX Coordinator

Destiny Marrufo, Associate Dean, Title IX Coordinator & Clery Officer
(909) 607-1723
Office: Alexander Hall 104

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Brandon Johnson, Sr. Associate Athletic Director
(909) 621-8420
Office: Athletics, Montgomery Building

April Mayes, Associate Dean of the College
(909) 607-2919
Office: Alexander Hall 234

Carol Saldivar, Interim Assistant Vice President/CHRO
(909) 607-8365
Office: Pendleton Building

Under no circumstances is an individual required to report sexual misconduct to a supervisor or academic instructor who is the alleged perpetrator.


Students can always reach an Administrator-on-call 24 hours a day by calling Campus Safety (909-607-2000) and asking to be connected to the Administrator-on call.

Campus Resources with Reporting Requirements

Responsible Employees are those College employees who are not Confidential Resources (defined below) and have authority to take action to redress sexual harassment or provide interim measures to students, or have a duty to report sexual harassment to an appropriate school official who has that authority. If a Responsible Employee learns, in the course of their employment, that a student may have experienced conduct prohibited by this Policy, they must promptly notify the Title IX Officer or designee. In addition, if any of the following people learn, in the course of employment, that any other person affiliated with the College may have experienced Prohibited Conduct, they must promptly notify the Title IX Officer or designee:

(i) Title IX Coordinator or deputy Title IX Coordinators;

(ii) Residential advisors;

(iii) Housing directors, coordinators, or deans;

(iv) Student life directors, coordinators, or deans;

(v) Athletic directors, coordinators, or deans;

(vi) Coaches of any student athletic or academic team or activity;

(vii) Faculty and associate faculty, teachers, instructors, or lecturers;

(viii) Laboratory directors, coordinators, or principal investigators;

(ix) Internship or externship directors or coordinators; or

(x) Study abroad program directors or coordinators.

Reporting to Law Enforcement

The College encourages any member of the College community who experiences any form of sexual violence to immediately contact the Claremont Police Department (“CPD”) by contacting Campus Safety (909-607-2000) if they are on campus or by dialing 911 if they are off campus.

In addition, individuals may also directly report sexual violence at any time after an incident by contacting CPD:

570 West Bonita Avenue
(909) 399-5411