One of the best things about being a small department is our ability to provide top-notch science instruction, but of course our full-time Geology faculty (Gaines, Grosfils, Lackey and Reinen) and students also learn collaboratively by exploring a wide array of exciting new research questions together. Looking back at 2013, here’s a sample of what our small dynamic research community** achieved:

  • We showcased research results at the following conferences: American Geophysical Union (San Francisco), Continental Scientific Drilling Workshop (Park City), European Planetary Science Conference (London), Geological Society of America (Denver; Fresno), Goldschmidt (Florence), IAVCEI Scientific Assembly (Kagoshima), Keck Geology Consortium (hosted by Pomona College), Lyell meeting of the Geological Society (London), Paleontological Association (Zurich)
  • We published peer-reviewed articles in: American Journal of Science, Americas Conference on Information Systems 2013 Proceedings, Canadian Journal of Earth Science, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Geological Society of London Special Publication, Geophysical Research Letters, Geosphere (3 papers), Icarus, Journal of Sedimentary Research
  • Our research received external funding from: Cotrell, NASA (Planetary Geology & Geophysics), NSF (Earth Sciences; Ocean Sciences; Sedimentary Geology & Paleobiology)

**underlining above indicates student involvement

28 Student Research Collaborators in 2013 (listed only if contribution happened at Pomona College): Debra Hurwitz ’07, Sylvan Long ’07, Andrew Stoker ’09, Mark Torres ’10, Shelley Chestler ’12, Callie Sendek ’12, Lorelei Curtin ’13, Luke Ferguson ’13, Ben Murphy ’13, Na’ama Schweitzer ’13, Slade Burns ’14, Jane Eisenberg ’14, Peter Ferrin ’14, Rachel Havranek ’14, Dulcie Head ’14, Chris Helwig ’14, Michael Lampron-York ’14, Jean Larsen ’14, Kyle Metcalfe ’14, Nick Sbardellati ’14, Natasha Simpson ’14, Alexa Zilberfarb ’14, Anne Fulton ‘15, Robby Goldman ’15, Jack Albright ’16, Bryan Gee ’16, Morgan Yuecil ’16, Dane Zelinski ‘16