Psychological Science Presentations and Conferences

Psychology 51 Poster Template

Example Poster

Poster Formatting Instructions

  1. Fonts
    1. Sans serif fonts for titles
    2. Serif fonts for text
    3. Font sizes 24-28 for main text
  2. White background (save the earth!)
  3. Use the same margins, align them
  4. Max width: 48"
  5. Max length: 36"

Alternative (New) Templates

Check out this video on a revolutionary way to create posters that people will actually engage with at poster sessions! 

Here are the poster templates that go along with the video (the templates are shown and explained from minutes 13-20).

The amazing new templates are shown below! (*These are just images, but click on the poster template link above to download the PowerPoint templates).

Example Student Posters


Student Poster Presentations

Psychological Conferences

  1. American Psychological Association
  2. Association for Research in Personality
  3. European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders
  4. North American Society for Research in Personality Disorders
  5. Society for Personality and Social Psychology
  6. Society for Research in Psychopathology
  7. SSCP is a great resource but they do not have their own conference