The 7-College Asian American Advisory Board, known as “AdBoard,” aims to foster a strong Asian American and Pacific Islander community at The Claremont Colleges by creating opportunities for interaction and identity building among Asian American and Pacific Island students. These goals – identity building and the creation of 7C community ties – are at the heart of AdBoard’s mission. The Board offers programs and provides complementary support to the Asian American and Pacific Islander student groups and resources. These groups and resources include: Pomona College’s Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP) and Asian American Resource Center (AARC), Scripps College’s Asian American Sponsor Program (AASP), Asian American Student Union (AASU), and SCORE, Pitzer’s Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) and Center for Asian Pacific Americans (CAPAS), Claremont McKenna College’s Asian Pacific American Mentor Program (APAM), and Harvey Mudd College’s Asian Pacific Islander Sponsor Program (API-SPAM), Empowering Pacific Islander American Communities (EPIAC), and Office of Institutional Development (OID), and the Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies (IDAAS)

Visual Map of AAPI Resources at The Claremont Colleges http://idaas.pomona.edu/faculty-staff/5c-resources/

 AdBoard is committed to addressing the needs of and to providing resources for all members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.



After many years of student activism calling for a resource for AAPI students at The Claremont Colleges, on June 2, 2003 the Council of the Presidents voted to establish an Advisory Board for five-college Asian American student programming to serve the undergraduate institutions. This decision was based on an extensive Student Affairs Committee (SAC) study of needs identified by the Asian American Student Alliance (AASA), a student group seeking the establishment of a five-college Asian American Student Center. This outcome was a cross-campus collaborative effort by the student deans, students, and the Student Affairs Committee. 

Since the fall of 2003, AdBoard started programming to support developing a 5-C AAPI community. Administrative duties rotated annually among the five undergraduate colleges, creating discontinuity in procedures and lapses in institutional memory. In the academic year of 2012-2013, AdBoard gained a Program Coordinator position and received additional support from the two graduate institutions, Claremont Graduate University and Keck Graduate Institute, extending AdBoard’s potential support across the 7Cs. The Program Coordinator is anchored at Pomona College’s Asian American Resource Center and supports bookkeeping, programming, and student development. AdBoard meets weekly and consists of two student representatives and a staff representative from each college.


Key Programs

First-Year Retreat: AdBoard funds the supports the coordination of each colleges’ mentor/sponsor programs’ first-year retreats. The retreats help to build community at each respective campus, and thus helps to achieve AdBoard’s goal of building community amongst the first-year AAPI students at The Claremont Colleges.

 First-Year Follow-up Event

In an effort to building cross-campus community, this program brings all 5C API sponsor/mentor programs together after their first-year retreats.

2015 Spring Conference: [in]visibility: exploring forms of visibility through creative expression

2015 Spring Conference: [in]visibility: exploring forms of visibility through creative expression

Spring Conference

The Spring Conference is the first event that AdBoard organizes in the spring semester and brings together 7C APIA students to engage in a political APIA issue.

APAHM (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month)

Nationally, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is held in the month of May, but due to the academic year, AdBoard celebrates it in April.


AdBoard allocates $1,000.00 to support student programming that is in line with AdBoard’s mission in creating 7C Asian American and Pacific Island community.

7C AAPI Commencement Ceremony

The first AdBoard-organized AAPI Commencement Ceremony took place in May 2010. It provided an intimate space for students of AAPI-heritage and their family and friends to come together and celebrate commencement.


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