Below are some of the programs that Adboard takes part in organizing throughout each school year:

First-Year Retreat: AdBoard funds and supports the coordination of each colleges’ mentor/sponsor programs’ first-year retreats. The retreats help to build community at each respective campus, and thus helps to achieve AdBoard’s goal of building community amongst the first-year APIDA students across The Claremont Colleges.

First-Year Follow-up Event: In an effort to build cross-campus community, this program occurs during the fall semester of each year and brings all 5C APIDA sponsor/mentor programs together after their first-year retreats. This event allows first years to hear and share experiences with one another and see the much larger APIDA community at The Claremont Colleges.

Socials & Mixers: These socials and mixers are spread throughout the year to bring together students from across the campuses to build community. These events are open to all students.

Highlights Series: Through our social media we highlight the amazing work and contributions of our APIDA staff, faculty, and students. This is a way to share stories and show the diversity of our APIDA community. Highlights are done by a nomination process and anyone is welcome to participate.

APIDA Heritage Month: Nationally, Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month is held in the month of May, but due to the academic year, AdBoard celebrates it in April.

Co-sponsorships: AdBoard allocates + $1,000.00 to support student programming that is in line with the mission in fostering the APIDA community across the colleges.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Graduation: Established in 2010, the graduation ceremony was created for students of APIDA heritage across The Claremont Colleges. This event is open to all undergraduates and graduates. Families and friends are welcome to celebrate the accomplishments of our APIDA graduates.