Media and Social Media Help For Faculty and Staff

Media Help

When a member of a media outlet contacts you, the best practice is to return calls or emails promptly and answer as fully as possible questions you feel qualified to answer. If you don’t have time to talk immediately or an unfamiliar with the reporter, contact the Office of Communications for assistance. Please remember that the more we help working journalists with their stories, the more receptive they will be when we pitch stories about Pomona College and our experts.

If you are asked questions relating to a Pomona administrative policy or decision or questions relating to a topic you know to be sensitive, please refer the call to Pomona’s spokesperson Patricia Vest (909) 621-8503. In such cases, please give the reporter Patricia's phone number and call the Office of Communications to tell us of your concerns.

Tips for faculty and staff for media inquiries

Guidelines for Op-Eds

Social Media Help

The first thing your office or department should consider before starting an account on a social media channel like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, is whether you really need to. While social media is a fantastic way to share your news and photos and keep in touch with students, alumni and the Pomona community, you must be able to devote some time to maintaining your accounts. If you are unsure about which path to take, contact Alexa Block in the Office of Communications for help.

Tips for social media accounts