Web Development and Support Policies

All websites representing administrative or academic units of Pomona College are the property of the College and should represent both the interests of the office, department or program and the mission and communications strategies of the College. The Office of Communications is charged with overseeing and managing the creation and maintenance of all such websites on the Pomona web.

In-System and Out-of-System Websites

Any administrative or academic unit of the College that wishes to have a web presence should work with the Office of Communications to build its site within the hosting system and design template of the Pomona web. If the Office of Communications determines that there are compelling technical reasons that the site should not reside within that system, the office, department or program should work with Communications staff to develop an appropriate and sustainable out-of-system site that preserves key navigational and branding components of the in-system web. The Office of Communications, however, cannot provide support for out-of-system sites.

No out-of-system website may be developed to represent an office or program of the College without the approval and involvement of the Office of Communications. Any out-of-system websites representing academic departments and programs may be maintained, but in order to be included in the Pomona web, any such out-of-system site must be linked from the corresponding official, in-system website. In such cases, the department or program is responsible for keeping both sites up to date.

For resource and branding reasons, all in-system websites will be built within the standard Pomona design template unless there are compelling reasons for the creation of a separate template involving unusual and essential technical requirements or a special aspect of institutional branding.

Website Maintenance

It is the responsibility of each office, department and program represented on the Pomona web to keep all public webpages reasonably up to date. Pages that, for any reason, cannot be kept up to date should be removed from the web. For in-system webs, the Office of Communications will train one or more web representatives in each office, department or program to carry out routine updating functions with ongoing support from the Communications staff.

Intercollegiate Departments

Websites for intercollegiate departments and programs will be housed on the TCCS web according to a uniform template and built and managed with the support of the Web Administrators Group of The Claremont Colleges. The Council of Deans will determine which departments and programs qualify for intercollegiate websites.

Personal Websites

Individual websites for faculty or staff members may be linked from in-system Pomona webpages but must be created and maintained independently using out-of-system resources available from Information Technology Services.