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Key Contacts

Marylou Ferry
Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
(909) 607-0283 | Email

Karen Fagan
Director, Public Programming and College Events
(909) 607-3832 | Email

Mark Kendall
Director, News and Strategic Content
(909) 607-9660 | Email

Mary Marvin
Director, Creative Services and Marketing
(909) 607-1756 | Email

Nathan Stazewski
Director, Communications Technology and Strategy
(909) 607-4116 | Email

The Office of Communications is a team of creative professionals dedicated to telling the Pomona College story—or rather, the many stories that define the Pomona College experience in all its richness, distinctiveness and diversity.

How Can We Help?

To get started, we need basic information about how we can help you.

Please provide some additional information at Print Project Request. We’ll arrange a meeting to talk with you about your project.

Our team supports College offices and departments with a wide range of professional assistance and creative services to help them achieve their goals and advance the College's mission.

Our Services & Products

Creative Services (Print)

We can help coordinate the development and production of print products such as brochures and fliers, invitations, postcards, posters and table tents, signage, promotional items, and other printed material.
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Web Services

We assist all Pomona College departments and offices with their official web presence on Pomona.edu, including technical assistance, consultation on content, photography assistance, and more.
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Media & Publicity

The Office of Communications leads the College’s media and publicity efforts. Please contact us if you have been contacted by the media or wish to work with the media to secure interviews and op-ed opportunities.
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Event Management

Our Public Programming and College Events team handles the coordination and promotion of on-campus events, including Bridges Auditorium, as well as summer conferences.
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Pomona College Magazine

The Office of Communications produces Pomona College Magazine three times each year, exploring the many fascinating stories about Pomona people.
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Pomona College News

Our news and strategic content team writes and promotes noteworthy news and events from Pomona College, including athletics news.
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Pomona College Archives

The mission of the Pomona College archives is to collect, preserve and make accessible the materials that document the rich history of Pomona College, since its inception in 1887.
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Letterhead and Business Cards

You can order or re-order stationery or business cards directly from the printer (Dual Graphics) using their Pomona College online storefront with Dual Printing. To place your order online, please sign in to the College Portal and have a College account number ready. All orders are reviewed by the Communications Office, and if an order is large or unusual, we may call you to confirm. Your stationery will be sent directly to you within two weeks and, your budget will be billed directly by the Business Office at the end of the month.