Key Contacts

Mark Kendall
Assistant Vice President for Communications and Strategic Content
(909) 607-9660 | Email

Nathan Stazewski
Director, Communications Technology and Strategy
(909) 607-4116 | Email

Patricia Vest
Director, News and Strategic Content
(909) 621-8503 | Email

The Office of Communications is a team of creative professionals dedicated to telling the Pomona College story—or rather, the many stories that define the Pomona College experience in all its richness, distinctiveness and diversity.

Our team supports College offices and departments with a wide range of professional and creative services to help them achieve their goals and advance the College's mission.

Our services and products include but are not limited to: print creative services, web services, media and publicity, the Pomona College Magazine, Pomona College news, the College’s Archive, as well as letterhead and business cards.