Creative Services Request

The following guidelines are a blueprint for working together to produce the best possible creative materials to meet your communications needs.



We do not charge for our services; however, you are responsible for printing, mailing and/or outside vendor costs (i.e. photography, videography, etc.).

We can help you manage these costs by providing estimates or quotes from different trusted vendors.

Lead Time

We prioritize requests based on staff availability and event/project due dates.

If possible, consult with us early on so that we can give you an accurate idea of what to expect. We understand that some projects arise at the last minute, and we do our best to accommodate these requests.

It's never too early to give us a call.

Print and Digital Services
We begin working on projects once we have all necessary materials, such as copy and images. Please allow two weeks from that moment to receive a first draft from us.

Remember to allow at least another two weeks for printing, more if you require special paper. Simple projects can be printed at Duplicating Services.

Photography and Videography
We require a two-week notice for photography requests. In general, photos will be provided a week after the scheduled shoot date. Rush edits on photos are available depending on the timely nature of the situation.

For most video projects, you can expect the overall process to take about six weeks—two each for planning, shooting and editing. 

We require a five-week lead time for remarks requests. We’ll need your help and partnership in understanding the context, purpose and audience for your event.

Proofing and Revisions

As initial designs and subsequent revisions are completed, you will have the opportunity to review proofs to ensure that they meet your needs and include correct information. It will be your responsibility to proof all text carefully, including the spelling of names, phone numbers, dates and times, addresses and other numbers.

We follow standard professional practice by giving you up to three sets of revisions in order to perfect a project. Beyond three revisions, you may be responsible for additional design and copywriting costs incurred. We will advise you in advance if this prospect should arise as your project proceeds.