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Please be advised that all Emergency/Urgent Need Funding, Co-Curricular Funding, Faculty-Student Interactions Funding and International Student Grant Fund requests will NOT be available from May 12, 2018 through September 3, 2018.  Funding requests will be reinstated September 4, 2018. 

The Dean of Students office has emergency grants funds for students, as well as a dedicated emergency and other urgent need fund for International Students.

Requests for general emergency funding from the Dean of Students Office can include certain academic-related expenses as well as many kinds of non-academic related needs.  Emergency funding is available in the form of loans (available both to students on financial aid and not on financial aid), and in the form of grants (usually only available to students on financial aid), or a combination of loan and grant.   Funding, whether loan or grant, is usually limited to under $500, and most grants and loans are under $300.

See below for information on the International Student Fund

For all Dean of Students Emergency Funding Requests or McCann Loan Requests, please complete the Emergency Funding Form or International Student Fund Form on the Dean of Students Office page in Engage.

McCann Emergency Loans

Short-term emergency loans are available to Pomona students needing small amounts of money, usually $500 or less. Loans should be repaid within the semester. Students needing loans should go to the Dean of Students Office, Alexander Hall 102.

General Emergency and Urgent Needs Grant Funds

Examples of academic related expenses include funding for standardized tests, tests related to fulfilling the language requirements, required course texts or books – this is usually done in conjunction with financial aid, and we recommend that students first talk with financial aid if they need funding for books.   Students may also access emergency grant and loan for computer purchases – we also recommend that students check with financial aid with regard to possible loan options, and ITS also has some computer loan options.  Emergency grant funding does not fund travel to academic conferences or senior thesis projects – please check with your department and the Dean of the College’s office for travel to academic conferences.

Examples of eligible non-academic requests include, but are not limited to unanticipated trips home due to a family emergency, and various fees related to a student’s work or personal life while at Pomona.

Students may also request post-graduate related grants, to help with their plans or opportunities (e.g., standardized testing and application fees, follow-up interviews, access to business wear, etc.)  

Student may request health-related grants, related to medical, mental health, dental, and vision costs, as well as related procedures and supplies.

Students may request funding related to immigration-related costs:  Students may also apply for emergency funding for immigration related fees for them, parents or close family members.  We also provide up to $1,000 in legal support for immigration related cases – there requests are vetted with our alumni lawyers who are part of a pro bono legal resource network for students, alumni, as well as students who are citizens or legal permanent residents but whose parents or siblings are undocumented. 

When applying for emergency grant funding, you will be asked information about yourself, if you are on financial aid, the nature of your need or emergency, and how much grant you are requesting. 

You will be asked to identify the category of funding type you are requesting: 

    • Academic-related (e.g. supplies, books, etc)
    • Computer purchases or repair
    • Family related emergency trip homes
    • Other travel or needs
    • Vision
    • Dental
    • Medical
    • Psychological
    • Job or graduate school related (travel to interviews, clothes, exams)
    • Legal fees (and you should contact our to connect with Pomona’s Pro Bono Immigration Legal Resource Network)
    • Immigration petition fees (DACA, Advance Parole, Permanent Residency, Citizenship-related, etc)

International Student Fund

The international student emergency and urgent need fund has somewhat more expansive grounds for funding requests to address the different needs of international students.

This International Grant Fund is set up to support international students who are experiencing economic hardship.  Students do not need to be on financial aid to apply. 

The Fund is restricted to international students who hold valid student visas or who have permanent residency abroad. 

Requests for emergency funding can include academic-related expenses, many kinds of non-academic related needs, as well as immigration-related costs.

Examples of academic related expenses include, but are not limited to, funding for standardized tests, required course texts or books, travel to conferences, senior thesis projects, laptops or other curricular-related equipment.

Examples of non-academic requests include, but are not limited to, expenses associated with health related expenses, including medical, dental, vision procedures, unanticipated trips home due to a family emergency, and various fees related to career, work, or postgraduate opportunities (e.g. standardized testing and application fees, follow-up interviews, access to business wear, etc.)

Examples of immigration-related requests include, but are not limited to, legal support for immigration and visa costs, OPT fees, other visa petition fees, or costs of staying in the US over breaks (due to inability to return home).

Funding is usually limited to under $500, and often range from $50 to $400.  Requests are decided case-by-case on a rolling basis.

Financial Aid Student Employment

Emergency employment funding is also available for undocumented and DACA-mented students, who are not eligible to work, or are no longer eligible to work, as a result of the potential discontinuation of the DACA program.