A student in a "Eat More Kale" shirt enjoys some organic kale chips
An aptly-dressed student enjoys some organic kale chips, photo credit: Adam Long

Pomona College Dining Services' goal is to serve food on campus that is healthy, fresh and delicious, and that is produced in a just and sustainable manner. We believe food should be produced in a way that is fair to farmers, that supports the (ideally local) communities from which it comes, that cares for the environment and that treats animals humanely. We strive to make the food climate at Pomona one in which food is not simply the fuel that energizes students, but that also creates an environment of awareness and fosters an understanding about where food comes from, who produces it, how this is achieved, and the implications of the food choices we make every day.

Locally-grown orange sunshine kabocha squash with honey-thyme glaze, golden raisins and toasted pecans, photo credit: Adam Long

From Fair Trade Organic beverages to humanely-raised meat to locally-baked bread, Dining Services is committed to quickly moving towards a more sustainable food service operation. Producing food in an environmentally-responsible manner means no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, truly sustainable farming can have a positive impact on the environment. And it doesn't stop there: we feel that sustainable food should be better for everyone involved.  We focus on fair and safe working conditions for farmers and producers, humane treatment of animals and supporting local farms and businesses.

This section of our website offers an overview of our sustainability efforts.  Use the tabs on the left to learn more about sustainable food, what you can do and our efforts.