FAQ for Faculty

How do I know which films are available in the FLRC?

Go to http://collections.pomona.edu/flrc-media/. Each film has a unique call number. This number is essential if you wish to check out the film from the FLRC front desk. Please note that you can search for parts of words, or simply by language without a title if you do not instantly find the film you are looking for.

Can I reserve the FLRC for class session?

Yes, just send us an e-mail (flrc@pomona.edu) or stop by the front desk. We have a Sakai calendar that everyone working for the FLRC has access to. We will check and see if the desired time is available.

I need DVD/VHS, but it is not available in the FLRC collection. Will the FLRC purchase this for me?

The departments buy DVDs and VHS tapes for faculty. If there are not enough funds left, the Oldenborg Center also has some funds that might be used for this. Another possibility is that the library will buy these items for you. The Dean’s Office also has grants for books and films for newly developed courses.

The FLRC maintains the collection, catalog, and coordinates check-outs for faculty and students.