Extended Stay and Break Housing Policies

Fall, Thanksgiving, and Spring Breaks

  • Residence halls stay open and students may stay in their assigned spaces at no additional cost.
  • No required applications needed to stay in the halls or to declare campus departures.
  • Meal Plans stay active at no additional cost. Please note that Dining hours and locations of operation may change.

Nomination and Application Processes

Step 1: Staff or Faculty Nomination

  • For Summer Housing, Late Stay, and Early Arrival, Students must be nominated by a Pomona Office. Offices will submit their nominations using this form.
  • Nominators are recommended to have the following information before starting the form:
    • List of Student's names and ID numbers.
    • Planned arrival/departure dates.
    • Plan for student meals:
      • Individually coordinated by each student
      • Office coordinated meals or per diem   
      • Dining Hall - a Cost Center must be provided and offices will be billed by dining.
  • Staff or Faculty nomination is not required for Winter Housing.

Step 2: Student Application on Residence

Step 3: Approvals and Logistics communicated via Email

  • Students will receive written notification of their approval via Pomona email from HRL. 
  • Partner Offices (Campus Safety, Facilities, Dining, etc.) will be informed.
  • Summer and Winter Housing assignments and will be provided via Residence.

Break Housing Details

Summer Housing

Pomona Housing and Residence Life offers limited summer housing to assist students that are employed in summer work at The Claremont Colleges. Please read below regarding the 2024 Summer Housing timeline, changes, and processes. Summer Supervisors and Summer Students Employees are recommended to review the content below.

Please note that Summer Supervisors must first nominate their student employees for Summer Housing, using the form above. 

For any additional questions, please contact housing@pomona.edu.


  • Enrolled Returning Pomona Student: Only returning Pomona College students with active enrollment in the following Fall are eligible.
  • Student Employee at The Claremont Colleges: Pomona Students must also be actively hired for a campus-based position at The Claremont Colleges ('consortium') during the summer. Students may only participate in Summer Housing during active employment dates.

Application Schedule:

  • Supervisor Applications: Open, rolling
  • Student Applications Posted: As nominated, starting Monday, April 22, 2024 on Residence
  • Supervisor Nomination (form above) priority: Monday, April 29, 2024
  • Student Application Due: Monday, May 6, 2024
  • Summer Housing Dates: Sunday, May 19, 2024 - Saturday, August 24, 2024

Cost and Billing

  • Cost: $300/week including housing and meal plan.
  • Billing: students will be billed via their student account.
  • Billing week: defined as Sunday-Saturday, students may arrive to campus beginning the Sunday of their designated week, after 2:00 p.m. Students will be billed according to the planned Sunday arrival, regardless of actual arrival day.

Summer Meal Plan

  • Weekdays: Frary Dining Hall
    • Breakfast: 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
    • Lunch: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
    • Dinner: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Weekend Pack-Outs Ordering: Students must sign up for each weekend pack-outs by the Thursday dinner period of each week with the Dining Cashier. No price deductions will be offered for skipping weekend pack-outs.
  • Weekend Pack-Outs Pick Up: ordered meals will be provided via 4 pack-out meals (shelf stable brunch and dinner) available for pick up each Friday lunch or Friday dinner period. 
  • Dietary Notes: Students can communicate dietary needs via the Cashier or at dining@pomona.edu. 
  • Community Kitchens: Sontag and Dialynas kitchens are available for use throughout the summer for food preparation.
  • Meal plan service will begin on Monday morning for those arriving each Sunday.

Summer Housing

  • Residence Halls: Summer Housing will be primarily offered in Sontag and Dialynas halls
  • Room Placement: Housing and Residence Life will assign single rooms in 4 or 6 person suites according to housing stock, matching profiles, application data, and occupancy dates. Most assignment will be provided during Spring Finals week or the week after Spring Closing.
  • Suitemates: Summer Housing is entirely suite housing. If you know of additional students requesting summer housing with similar arrival and departure timelines and would like to be placed within suites with them, please note their names on the application. Roommate Matching Profile data will be used in all other matchings.

Summer Check-in Details

Spring to Summer Transition

  • Transition Week Dates: Saturday, May 12 - Saturday, May 18, 2024
  • Transition Week Application: Students needing transition housing between Spring Closing and Summer Housing may note their rational on their Summer Housing application. 
  • Transition Week Cost: Students approved for Summer Transition Week are charged at the Summer Housing rate.
  • Stay in Spring Room: Students approved for Transition Week Housing will stay in their Spring room throughout spring closing, until Spring Key Drop-off (below). 
  • Summer Key Pick-up: Students may move into their Summer Housing assignments on Friday, May 17, 2024 at 12:00pm noon. Key Pick-up will be facilitated at HRL, with keys taken to Campus Safety after 5:00pm. 
  • Spring Key Drop-off: Students must complete their move and return their spring key to an HRL drop-box by Monday, May 20, 2024 at 12:00pm noon.
  • Interim Housing: In order to clean spring rooms and prepare summer rooms, students may be assigned interim housing spaces before their summer assignment.

Spring Move-out and Summer Return 

  • Check-in: Students arriving to campus (not part of Transition Week Housing) can pick up their key at Campus Safety at 101 South Mills Avenue starting at 8:00am the Sunday of their assigned move-in week. 

Summer Check-out Detials

Summer to Fall Housing Transition

  • Fall Key Pick-up: Students in qualified Summer Housing (still employed in the Claremont Consortium) will be able to move into their Fall assignments on Friday, August 2, 2024. 
  • Summer Key Drop-off: Students must complete their move by Monday, August 5, 2024 at 12:00pm noon. Students will continue to be billed for at the Summer Housing rate until Fall Move-in (unless they are nominated by an Early Arrival Group, see below).
  • Early Arrival Campus Groups: Student Leaders with groups that provide early arrival housing and meal plans (ex. Athletics, Res Life Training, etc.) will not be charged for summer housing rate beginning the week of their group's approved arrival.

Summer Check-out and Fall Return

  • Check-out: Students can check out by returning their key to the HRL Key Dropboxes.

Early Arrivals (Fall and Spring)

  • After completing the Early Arrival application on Residence, approved Early Arrivals will be notified of their approved move-in date via Pomona Email.
    • Students will be provided check-in directions.
    • Students offered an early arrival meal plan by their sponsoring office will be notified dining locations and hours.
    • Students will not be approved to move-in without completing their early arrival application.
    • Students will not be approved for arrival dates before their approved date.

Late Departure (Fall and Spring)

  • NOTE: Students seeking to bridge their Fall or Spring housing into Winter or Summer housing should complete the Winter or Summer housing application, respectively.
  • After completing the Late Departure application on Residence, approved Late Departures will be notified of their approved campus departure date via Pomona Email.
    • Students offered a late departure meal plan by their sponsoring office will be notified dining locations and hours.
    • Students will be provided check-out directions.
    • Students will not be approved to stay after their move-out date without completing a late departure application.
    • Students will not be allowed to stay after their approved date.

Winter Housing

Pomona Housing and Residence Life offers limited Winter Break housing to students seeking to stay on campus during the break. Winter Break Housing is NOT Spring Early Arrival. Please read below regarding this year's timeline, changes, and processes. For any additional questions, please contact housing@pomona.edu.


  • Winter Break housing is only available for students living on-campus at the end of the Fall Semester. Students studying abroad in Fall or on a leave of absence for Fall 2023 may not return to campus until Spring Semester Move-in. Students that declare a Leave of Absence for Spring 2024 prior to the beginning of Winter Break are ineligible for Winter Break housing.
  • Student Leaders and Athletes are nominated for Late Departure and Early Arrival according to the needs of their teams. Students staying and/or arriving to campus for parts of (not throughout) the break should review Pomona’s Early Arrival and Late Departure policies instead.

Application Process Schedule

  • Application Available:  Wednesday, November 1st on Residence.
  • Application Due: Monday, November 20th at 5pm.

Cost and Billing

  • Cost: Winter Break housing is $550 and covers housing from Fall Closing to Spring Move-in. Meal support is also built into this cost. 
  • Student Accounts: Billing will be facilitated by Student Accounts. Winter Housing Charges will be reflected in the “Activity Details” in CASHNet. All questions regarding student account balances should be sent to student.accounts@pomona.edu. 
  • Charges posted - December 15, 2023 
  • Charges due - January 2, 2024 
  • Business Holds - January 8, 2024

Campus Closure and Emergency Support

  • Pomona Offices: There is a full closure of campus operations between December 23rd 2023 – January 2nd 2024. All of Pomona College will be closed. You will be able to contact Campus Safety and the Administrator On-Call for emergencies.
  • Campus Safety: Campus Safety will be open and available throughout Winter Break on a 24/7 basis. An Administrator-on-call will be available for campus-based emergency support. Available by phone at 909-607-2000 or utilizing blue lights found on campus.


Dining Hall Closure

  • Meals will not be available in the Pomona dining halls between Saturday December 16, 2023 after Brunch and Tuesday, January 2, 2024 at Breakfast. 
  • Meal Support (Changed 11.14.23): Pomona College Dining Services will provide food delivery cards that support food delivery, ordering, or grocery supplies throughout the dining hall closure period. Students are responsible for managing the funds throughout the dining hall closure, more funds will not be provided.
  • Walker Lounge Kitchen: A communal kitchen is available near the Walker Lounge. 

Frary Dining Hall

  • Meals for Winter Housing Students (and approved early arrivals) will be available at Pomona Frary Dining halls between January 2nd, 2024 and Spring Move-in.
    • Breakfast: 7:00am - 9:30am
    • Lunch: 11:00am - 1:30pm
    • Dinner: 5:00pm - 7:30pm


  • Walker and Smiley Halls: Winter Housing is consolidated for safety and logistical reasons. Winter Housing utilizes Walker Hall and Smiley Hall as needed. Rooms used for Winter Break Housing may be held by students during the Fall and Spring academic terms. ‘Hosting’ students in Walker and Smiley will be notified and offered the opportunity to store items of their choice over the break. Students confirmed to be Hosting must provide the Fall room key to HRL so that the rooms can be used temporarily.
  • Single rooms: All rooms are single rooms with communal hall bathrooms. Winter break residents will not have roommates.
  • Restroom Cleaning Schedule
    • Week of December 18, 2023 - restrooms will be refreshed and stocked with extra toilet paper to last the campus closure. 
    • Week of December 25, 2023 - no housekeeping staff will be present on campus. Restrooms will not be refreshed. 
    • Weeks of January 2 and 8, 2024– housekeeping will maintain limited cleaning of the restrooms until Spring Opening.

Fall to Winter Transition Plan

Winter Housing Hosts

  • Students who choose winter housing and also live in hosting Walker and Smiley rooms will not be moved. Students scheduled to move out for Fall Closure do not need to take different move-out actions. Please empty the room as normal. 
  • Hosts may coordinate with Winter Housing Students to request who stays in the room on the Winter Housing Application, or by emailing housing@pomona.edu. 
  • Storage: Place personal items into room closets, Walker Hall storage or take away from campus during the break. Walker storage room is available for Walker Hosting students to store items throughout the break, as space allows. These items will not be accessible during the break.
  • No Break Access: Rooms will be occupied and hosts will not be able to temporarily access the room between Fall Closing (Saturday, December 16th, 2023 at 12:00pm noon) and Spring Move-in (Saturday, January 13th, 2023 at 9:00am). Walker Storage will also not be accessible before Spring move-in. 
  • Label all items: All boxes should be labeled with Name, Date Stored, Fall room number. Labels and tape are available at Walker Storage. 
  • Hours: Walker Storage will be accessible for approved students 1pm-5pm on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Finals week. 
  • Room Expectations: Please leave the room clean and tidy, with the following standards. HRL and Housekeeping staffs will be performing break inspections of the room before and after the room is occupied for Winter Housing.
    • All laundry is clean and put away. No food items left behind.
    • Empty one dresser drawer.
    • Bed cleared of any linen.
    • The top of the desk is cleared off.
  • Hosting Confirmation: HRL will confirm the temporary use of a room during the last week of classes. After Winter Housing rooms are assigned (late November), Hosting Residents will be notifed if their room is or is not needed for Winter Housing. 
  • Check out and Key Return: Complete check-out and return the fall room key to HRL by Saturday Fall Closing (December 16th at 12:00pm noon). 

Winter Break Housing Students

  • Stay: in Fall room until the Tuesday after Fall Closing (Tuesday, December 19th).
  • Start Move: Pick up the Winter Housing key and begin move into the Winter Housing Room on Tuesday, December 19 at 12:00pm noon from the Housing and Residence Life office.
  • Recommended Items: Students only need to move the items required throughout the break (does not need to be a complete move of all items). Access to the Fall/Spring room will not be available throughout the Winter break so please have all essential items.
    • Clothing available for the break.
    • Any important documents and medications.
    • Computer/electronics and any associated charging cords.
    • Linen and blanketing for the Bed (Twin XL).
    • Toiletries
  • Complete Move: Complete the move by Wednesday, December 20th at 12:00pm noon. 

Winter to Spring Transition Plan

Winter Break Housing Students

  • Return to Spring Room: Winter Stay students may return to their Fall/Spring rooms starting Friday, January 5th
  • Complete Move and Winter Room Key Return: Monday, January 8th 12:00pm noon via HRL
    • Remove all personal items and leave Winter rooms tidy!
    • Rooms will be reviewed by HRL & Housekeeping staffs.

Winter Housing Hosts

  • Move-in and Key Pick-up: Students returning to their Walker rooms will pick up their key from the Housing and Residence Life office during Spring Move-in or their approved early arrival date.