Do I need a passport?

In order to study abroad you must have a passport that is valid for six months beyond the date of your return to the U.S. or home country following your study abroad program. If you do not have a passport, or need to renew it, you should apply for a passport immediately. A copy of the inside of your passport is required in your Pomona College study abroad application, as well as in many secondary applications.

Students participating in a domestic program need to present one of the documents required for air travel in the U.S., such as a driver’s license, state ID, passport, or other accepted form of identification. Travel by car, bus, or train may have different requirements.

When should I apply?

Students should apply for a passport prior to or at the time of applying for study abroad.

How do I apply for or renew my passport?

U.S. passports are issued by the U.S. Department of State.  See their website for information on how to apply or renew your passport. Please note: Passport fees are the responsibility of the student.

How long does it take to apply?

Please visit the U.S. Department of State website for updated information regarding the status of U.S. passport operations due to COVID-19. For an additional fee, students may have their passport application expedited.

Do I need my passport to get my visa?

Yes. A visa is a stamp or document that is placed inside your passport. See our visa webpage for more information.

Students Holding Non-U.S. Passports

U.S. visa holders, students with DACA, and U.S. permanent residents must check with the U.S. Immigration Service concerning regulations for re-entry into the U.S. It is important to verify procedures, especially if you might be outside the U.S. for more than one year, to permit re-entry to the U.S. Please note that overseas communications may be needed and this can be time consuming.  Please plan ahead!