International & Domestic Programs Medical Insurance


During off-campus study, all students must maintain a primary health insurance plan that meets the required amounts of medical and accident coverage equal to or better than the Pomona College Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). While the amounts of coverage in SHIP are used as a guideline, please note that SHIP is not specifically designed for off-campus students. Students should review their primary medical insurance coverage, along with any supplemental insurance provided by their program and/or Pomona College to determine if coverage is sufficient to meet their individual needs while off-campus.  Students may find that, while they are off-campus, another policy may more adequately meet their primary health needs.

Specific questions regarding medical insurance should be directed to your primary insurance provider or program program, where applicable.

For international programs, Pomona College as well as many program providers include some type of medical and emergency insurance coverage for the duration of the program, which most often functions as supplemental insurance in tandem with your primary insurance.

Domestic program participants will not receive supplemental insurance, however they should check to see whether their insurance covers them in the state where the program is located and if this coverage is sufficient. Students participating in a domestic program may need to purchase additional insurance if their current coverage is not sufficient. The Pomona College Student Health Insurance Plan covers students outside of California, either through their network of providers or as out-of-network.

The Claremont Colleges' Insurance for International Program Participants

All students participating in international programs (both Approved Programs and Programs by Petition) will receive supplemental emergency medical and evacuation insurance through The Claremont Colleges International Travel Insurance, in addition to any supplemental insurance provided by their program provider. Please note that the insurance included is supplemental only and students must maintain a primary insurance plan as noted above. The coverage extends two weeks before and after the official dates of your program.

Does your program sponsor provide insurance? Is it sufficient?

Your program may include a mandatory health insurance plan in the program fee. If insurance is included with your program, please contact your program provider directly to find out more information about the specific plan in order to determine if coverage is sufficient for your own individual needs. Keep in mind that the policy may be restricted to the dates of your academic program. Remember to inquire about this if you plan to travel prior to or following your program. In some cases, program providers may be able to extend the dates of coverage beyond the dates of the program for you for a minimal fee.

I need additional health insurance-- how do I find a plan?

There are a couple of resources we recommend for information on international health insurance. The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers has a Guide to Travel Health Insurance. The U.S. Department of State has information on Insurance Providers for Overseas Coverage.

Questions you should ask insurance providers:

  • Does the plan cover visits to the doctor or medication prescribed while abroad?
  • Does the plan include hospitalization coverage for accidents and illnesses while abroad?
  • Does the plan include coverage for pre-existing conditions?
  • Does the plan include mental health coverage?
  • What is the maximum amount of coverage that is provided?
  • Are there deductibles? If so, what are they?
  • Will the plan include Emergency Room expenses?
  • What is the coverage for medical evacuation?
  • In the event of death, what is the coverage for repatriation?
  • What do you do under the plan if you have to pay cash up front and have no money?
  • Does the plan enable you to have continuous coverage before, during, and after you go abroad?
  • Does the plan cover expenses incurred in the U.S. (or home country) should you need to return for treatment? If so, what is the maximum amount of coverage provided?
  • What are the procedures for filing a claim? How long does it take for reimbursement?
  • When does the plan begin and end?
  • Does the plan assume it is the primary or secondary carrier? If it is the secondary carrier, when does coverage begin? How much does the primary carrier have to pay before the secondary carrier assumes coverage?
  • Are there any exclusions under the plan?
  • Is there a booklet explaining the coverage in detail?

Other things you need to know about the plan you select:

  • What is the process for enrolling?
  • If you find it necessary to use your insurance, what do you show as proof of worldwide coverage?
  • If you obtain medical assistance while abroad, when and how should you inform the agency?
  • What documentation of expenses is required? Does the bill need to be in English and the amount of the charges in U.S. dollars?