Oldenborg Dining Hall at Pomona College


Oldenborg is open for lunch during the academic year, Monday through Friday, noon to 1 p.m.

Oldenborg Center at Pomona welcomes you to join its foreign-language lunch tables. Enjoy lunch and converse in foreign languages at tables mentored by native speakers.

Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish tables meet daily. On Wednesdays, we also feature beginner tables in these six languages. Oldenborg requests that lunch guests honor its tradition of supporting foreign languages; those who wish to converse in English are respectfully asked to visit other college dining halls.

If there is a language you would like to practice that is not listed here, please email Oldenborg or call (909) 621-8018.


  • 5C Students: Swipe your meal card at the door
  • 7C Faculty and Staff: Sign in for lunch as a guest of Oldenborg
  • Community members may attend at Oldenborg’s discretion and incur a charge.
  • Oldenborg does not provide take-out meals.

Language Table Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese
French French French French French
German German German German German
Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese
Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian
Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish
Arabic Taiwanese Chinese (Beginner Table) Greek Swahili
Cantonese Swedish French (Beginner Table) Portuguese Persian
Thai Hebrew German (Beginner Table) Hindi/Urdu Korean
Vietnamese Korean Japanese (Beginner Table) Vietnamese Indonesian
  Turkish Russian (Beginner Table)   Swedish
  Tagalog Spanish (Beginner Table)