Oldenborg Dining Hall at Pomona College


Oldenborg is open for lunch during the academic year, Monday through Friday, noon to 1 p.m.

Oldenborg Center at Pomona welcomes you to join its foreign-language lunch tables. Enjoy lunch and converse in foreign languages at tables mentored by native speakers.

To access Oldenborg's Zoom Language Tables go to the following link: https://sakai.claremont.edu/x/F3ph0I

The most updated version of the Language Table Schedule is on our Sakai Calendar.

If there is a language you would like to practice that is not listed here, please email Oldenborg or call (909) 621-8018.

Language Table Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese  
French French French French  
German German German German German
Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese
Russian   Russian    
Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish
  Hebrew Dutch Portuguese *Hindi/Urdu 
  Persian  Italian Korean Indonesian





*The Hindi/Urdu table celebrates the cultures of South Asia and welcomes speakers of Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and any other South Asian tongue spoken at The Claremont Colleges!

If you would like to hear about Oldenborg events, please join our mailing list at Friends of Oldenborg, or write us at Oldenborg@pomona.edu.