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Student Employment - Oldenborg Language Partners


Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Persian, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili


Language Partners will work 2-4 hours a week on average throughout the year.


The Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC) in Mason Hall and the Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations at Pomona College


$12.00 per hour beginning January 1, 2019


Be part of the dynamic Oldenborg team and mentor 5C students in the study of the target language. Be acknowledged by faculty, appreciated by students, and build relationships with members in the international community.


Greet students in the FLRC and in Oldenborg. Assist students in various assignments related to the study of the target language. Enthusiastically engage in language tables. Enter all work reports on time. Collaborate with other Language Partners when needed. Respond to all email inquiries from students within 24 hours. Promote the program to the 5C community. Report to the program coordinator.

Encouraged Activities

Participate in other Oldenborg events and programs. Participate in events organized by the language department of the target language. Participate in building a campus community of speakers in the target language.


Candidate must demonstrate proficiency in the target language. Candidate must be sensitive to the needs of others, must possess strong interpersonal skills and communication skills, and is able to work independently and within a team environment. Multilingual skills are desired but not required.

Application Materials

Applicants should submit the following materials:

  • Curriculum vitae including information on intended course of study and activities engaged in here at the Colleges
  • Evening and lunch hour availability
  • Faculty recommendation letter (Language faculty preferred but not required. Please ask faculty to send the recommendation letter to Oldenborg assistant director, Julie Dale.)

Email all application materials by Friday, August 30, 2019 to Oldenborg Assistant Director, Julie Dale.

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