Cultivate Recommendations

It is important to establish good relationships with your instructors, supervisors, and other professionals early in your academic career. As you engage in the campus and local communities, remember the following:

  • Develop and display those characteristics indicative of healthcare professionals.
  • Be genuine.
  • Demonstrate interest in your course subjects and activities including labs, discussions, writing assignments, and exams. Ask questions inside and outside of class, and exhibit you can work well with your peers.
  • Keep up with your relationships - you can't expect the professor who gave you the 'A' three years ago to write a good recommendation unless you've kept them informed about your progress and professional goals.
  • Keep a copy of your coursework and present it to faculty when you ask for a recommendation in order to facilitate good, analytical, and timely letters.
  • The best letters aren't a list of adjectives. Opinions are backed with fact and anecdotes about your personal characteristics. People who know you the best will write the best letters.

For more information visit the Letters of Recommendation page.