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Prehealth Academic Preparation


Choose a major of study you are passionate about. Health profession schools are interested in broadly-educated students, which is what Pomona College provides with a liberal arts education. The best prehealth major is the one that reflects your strongest academic interests, rather than one that you think will make you a strong applicant.

Kara Toles Alumni Story: Pick a Major that you love


*Be sure to check individual school and admissions requirements.

Some schools and programs have additional requirements beyond the basic prerequisites. Here are some examples.

Medical Schools

  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Organic Chemistry II (2nd semester)
  • Upper Level Biology
  • Behavioral or Social Sciences and Humanities (e.g. PSYC051, SOC051)

Visit our Handouts & Resources page to download the Chemistry Requirement Sheet of specific medical schools.

Subject Duration Sample Pomona Courses
General Biology w/ Lab 1 Year BIO 40, 41C
Chemistry w/Lab 2 Years CHEM 1A, 1B or 51,110A, 115
Physics w/Lab 1 Year PHYS 41 & 42 for non-majors, or PHYS 70, PHYS71, 72 for majors
English/Writing Intensive .5 - 1 Year ID1, English

Sample Schedule

*Please email or schedule a meeting with the Health Sciences Advisor to discuss your course options.

Schedule Appointment with the Health ScienceS Advisor

First-Year Students Course Options for Different Aspiring Majors

Aspiring Major Fall Spring
Neuroscience Chem 1A/51, Bio 40, ID1, Elective Chem 1B, Bio 41C, Electives
Physics & Astronomy Chem 1A/51, Physics 70, ID 1, Elective Chem 1B, Physics 71& 72, Electives
Math/Computer Science Chem 1A/51, Math/CS, ID 1, Elective Chem 1B, Electives
Undecided/Social Science/Humanities Chem 1A/51, ID 1, Social Science, Humanities… Chem 1B, Language

1 Glide Year Timeline

*Italic fonts are optional courses.

Year Fall Spring Summer
First Year Chem 1A/51, Bio 40, ID1, Elective Chem 1B, Bio 41C, Electives  
Sophomore Chem110A, Physics 41, Electives Physics 42, OChem 110B, Electives  
Junior Chem115, Electives, or Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Senior Upper-Level Courses Upper-Level Courses Apply
Year of Application Medical School Interview Medical School Interview Matriculate to Medical School

Direct Entry

Year Fall Spring Summer
First Year Chem 1A/51, Bio 40, ID1, Elective Chem 1B, Bio 41C, PSY051, Elective  
Sophomore Chem110A, Physics 41, Electives Chem115, Physics 42, Electives MCAT
Junior Upper Level Courses, MCAT, Or Study Abroad Study Abroad Apply
Senior Upper-Level Courses, Medical School Interview Upper-Level Courses, Medical School Interview Matriculate to Medical School

Academic Support Resources

Writing Center: The Pomona College Writing Center offers free, one-on-one consultations to all students enrolled in Pomona College courses. Their service includes all kinds of writing, including academic, creative, professional, and personal, in all stages of development, from brainstorming to the final draft.

Quantitative Skills Center: The QSC is here to help you get a handle on those quantitative methods, concepts, and questions that many Pomona College courses cover. Quantitative skills are not limited to just math and physics. Many courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, psychology, neuroscience, economics, politics, and sociology use quantitative methods (often having to do with statistical data analysis).

Learn more about Academic Support Resources.

Class Dean Contact

First-Year students

Paola Beas, Assistant Dean
Telephone: (909) 621-8017
Email Paola Beas

Sophomore Students

Anthony Ferreria, Assistant Dean of Students
Telephone: (909) 621-8017
Email Anthony Ferreria

Junior & Senior Students

Tracy Arwari, Senior Associate Dean of Students
Email Tracy Arwari